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I have heard a lot of people discourage becoming a LVN saying that the only jobs available for LVNs are in nursing homes. I'm not sure if its only in Texas, but I wouldn't mind working in a nursing home as long as I'm helping... Read More

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    I worked at a nursing home as a CNA. I'm currently in school for my LPN. Here in GA., luckily we still have a choice to work either in a Nursing Home, Hospital, or Doctor's office. I'm a member of indeed.com, I receive e-mail alerts daily for employers seeking LPN's in my area.I will not work in a nursing home, unless it is in the Rehabilitation department.

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    Quote from jasminewilliams
    Thank you everybody so much with your contributions to my question. I am learning so much from you guys sharing you experiences. And i know that there is someone else out there who probably had been wondering the same thing. When nursing homes are so poorly run, is there someone that you can report these things to?
    Not if you want to keep your job

    I worked LTC for 8 months as an LPN. Got fired after a cna went into the med room ( A HUGE NO NO, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS IN THERE ) took a pair of hearing aids and gave them to a patient with dementia. Sure enough he throws them away when no one was looking and now the facility is out $4,000. They blamed it on me....for some reason. I had just finished my 2nd semester in my RN program and I wasn't about to go back to another nursing home for all the reasons libran stated. I watched fat cna's take residents candy and sit in their room. They would turn all the tv's in the rooms to BET. How many 80-90 yr old white people do you think watch BET? I reported it/wrote them up numerous times, had talks with them, nothing ever changed. I'm agency now while I finish my last semester in RN school and work part time at juvenile court here in Memphis. Sweeeeeeet job. I make $17/hr to sit in my office until a detainee says he needs Tylenol for a headache. I would highly recommend this job to ANY LPN who is tired of pushing meds for 12 hours straight.

    Ppl say they want to do LPN because its one year not two and they have this going on and that going on. Truth is my LPN school was m-f, 8-4. No exceptions. 12 months straight. RN school is lecture 2 days a week, clinical one. Yes u spend more time studying( the information is far more in depth) but I would rather spend my time at home with my wife while I study, then sit in a class room all day, everyday for 12 months straight.

    Don't waste a minute between getting ur LPN and RN if you can. It will be well worth it...
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    Nothing, some are run well
    I work in a LTC on a rehab unit. I don't usually do long term, but you work hard 20 PTs
    Iv's, wound vacs, meds , treatments, desk works ect.

    Don't judge by all the negativity out there

    It's great learning, while you are getting your RN or even to stay at
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    Any job will have pros and cons. Look for Medicare ratings to decipher whether or not you even want to apply. Check quality indicators such as safety,falls, multiple meds etc. as a new grad, you can learn a ton in a SNF. Just regard your job a a necessary stepping stone to help establish your career. It IS hard work but can also be worthwhile when you brighten an elder's day.
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    This statement is not all true about the lpn working only in nursing homes, I worked as an EMT for four years before starting nursing school. Ive met lpn's in doctors offices, schools, and as floor nurses.... I just think most hospitals would rather hire a RN than hire a Lpn who has to be overlooked by a RN...
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    There is nothing wrong with working in LTC.

    LTC nurses are saints, in my opinion...
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    There's nothing "wrong" with working in LTC. I just am not gonna do it. I spent 4 weeks doing clinicals in a crappy nursing home during nursing school and that showed me all I needed to know about working in one. I've been an LPN for 23 years and never even applied at one. There are lots of other places to work where I've not got my license on the line, and responsible for 50 patients at a time, on a 12 hour shift. Nope. Not gonna do it. But props to those who do. I've had several family members in nursing homes.
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    I find it amazing the stark contrast of negative experiences to the positive ones.

    We have discussed...
    safety issues
    Pt satisfaction
    Nurse satisfaction/retention
    Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

    While negative thoughts are far more likely to be expressed than positive ones, this is so far wide spread that perhaps we are indicating a real problem in many LTC settings.

    Now, in earnest, what can move the greater public to refuse such poor care. It seems the majority of ppl know LTC is awful, but it is accepted as such, and thus changes are not made. We must make a widely accepted belief about poor care in LTC unacceptable. How? How do we make turn mass perception of LTC from bad to good?

    I need help- authors, ideas, letters I can write. These things.

    How do you want to spend the last remaining years of your life?
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    Hi... here's an author for you (and an activist): Dr. Bill Thomas - The Green House Project.

    I am coming to nursing via the social services end of gerontology... I actually pursued my masters in gerontology to make a difference in this field, and though my interests have expanded to preventive care (wellness), etc., I became convinced that his vision of small, home-based LTC is the way to go...

    A nurse administrator for a very small facility could erase a lot of overhead (normally spent on an Executive Director)...

    Anyway, we are always saying that our children are our most precious resource.

    Well, actually, I think our older people are our most precious resource, because they have the life wisdom our children NEED to thrive and prepare for life.

    But I wander...

    Again, look up the Green House Project on YouTube, Google, etc...
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    I personally want to get experience in a hospital but I know that most hopsitals only want RN's and not LPN's. I think it is the thought sometimes that people have about working in a nursing home. I didn't like it when I was a CNA only because I couldn't keep up. So I quit after 3 weeks. I wish I would have stuck it out. I am starting LPN school in 3 weeks and I need to find me a job and more than likely it will be in a nursing home. Bottom line, it is all in what you make it. You think negative about it more than likely you will have a negative experience.
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