What can I expect in LPN school?

  1. Could anyone tell me their experience in 12 month LPN program?
    Trying to plan out if I should move back in with my parents and focus all my attention on school.
    Any advice would be great!

    Thanks :spin:
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    I think if you had the opportunity to move in w/ your parents & not have to worry about rent, than you should do it. LPN school is very intense & jam packed. As soon as we would finish taking a test, a week or so later there would be another one! Not to mention clinicals, skills & writing care plans every week. Although it is a lot of information to digest in the course of a year, time goes by very quickly. This time last year, I was about 6 weeks into my program. Now I have passed my boards & I'm a nurse ! It's tough, but doable. Good luck
  4. by   BrookeMarie
    I'm sorry i wrongly informed you, I will be doing a 24 month LPN program at Clarkson College in Omaha, NE IF accepted.
    Thanks so much for the advice!
  5. by   windmill182
    I am in an 11 month program and its been ups and downs. Definitely the hardest year of my life. Last quarter was intense! We had a Pharm test and a Fundies test each week + clinicals + care plans + presentations + article reviews + case studies + ATI modules. But I made it and this quarter is nothing compared to last quarter so instead of working 15 hours I am putting in about 20. If I could have free rent, I would jump right right on that! I know people in my class though who moved back in with their parents and wished they had not, so it really depends on the living situation you will have with your parents. If you can avoid working, you might actually have some what of a life during the program. Just saying. Good luck.
  6. by   BrookeMarie
    Awesome! Me and my parents are really close and they're my biggest supporters so I know i wont have problems moving in with them. It's just the boyfriend who i moved out with would have to either move out on his own or go back with his parents. But we'll figure that out after i get accepted or declined!
  7. by   MedChica
    Quote from BrookeMarie
    Could anyone tell me their experience in 12 month LPN program?
    Trying to plan out if I should move back in with my parents and focus all my attention on school.
    Any advice would be great!

    Thanks :spin:
    It wasn't that bad until we hit Pharm and Medsurg. The school was like, "How - oh, HOW - can we make this process more complicated...hmm - AH! Let's schedule Pharm + MedSurg...TOGETHER!!!" LOL

    That was about 16 weeks (I think) of mental bootcamp. Material isn't difficult. It's just so much of it at once. Too many tests and quizzes at one time. Too many 'mini-book' chapters to read in a week. You absolutely MUST stay up on your reading.
    Clinicals wasn't a big deal. Just go there, select some patients, shower/change a few diapers...do a little paperwork and you're done -- unless you get one of those 'crazy' clinical instructors that wants you typing up whole books. <--It's not even that serious.
    Never had one of those. Some in my class did.

    Anyway, my class is about 6 weeks out from graduating and we're all 'over it'. Like, in the beginning, we were all excited. Now it's, 'Whatever - get me the hell outta here'. In the beginning, it was like, "Oh, I'll work at the hospital for 12/hr. It's all about eh experience, y'know?" Now...? Pfft. 'I'm not working for peanuts. I got bills to pay. Show me the money!!!!!" LOL
    Seriously. A fair amt of us are in 'positions', myself included. Of course, with one test under my belt for this new semester, I have a 'B' in class but - and I say this with absolutely no shame - I really don't give a crap about grades at this point.
    'Did I PASS?'
    Good enough.

    Moving back home? This program can be done with working students and whole families. Half my class works, including myself. You have a few who live an hour away from the city in my class. They come to school...faithfully.

    Yes. Generally, such a student might have a rougher time of it.
    Yet, 'personal mileage' varies.
    The 'mommy crew' boast some of the highest gpa's in our class. Makes sense when you think about it.

    I don't have kids, but I can definitely see how a little one or two would light a fire under a parent's butt.
  8. by   Companion2thewind
    I think you are my future self and classmates. We are a diverse group of 22 ladies and two very funny and patient young guys. I don't work and I do live with my parents and the ego blow alone nearly prevented me from finally doing this. But after my first clinical week I knew I was doing the right thing, maybe need to go about it better ways, but now I know. You can not procrasinate reading or cram for nursing exams, do NOT tell yourself "I'll just get up at 5am and study until class", which starts @ 8 and you've maybe slept a few hours or crashed 14 straight hours-it won't happen! We are just wrapping up our first semester and had our last clinical day as a class outing to a science exhibit. I already feel like we were "working for free" as well. I started my program 1/11/12 and just knew I'd get all A's. I'm just counting the hours to my last two finals and Pharm 1 check-offs and will take a 3.0 and run!

    I should be working on my clinical data collection/concept map/Pt assessments but there's also an ATI practice assessment I have to finish with a 95%. Yup this week was an easy load too.

    There are also quite a few commuters in my day class as well so when we had to be @ a site for 6:30 am, some were having to get up at 3 to get their kids together and drive the 90 minutes one way. And yes, most of the mamas have high grades.

    Short story long, you've confirmed my fears for 2nd semester. I know what to expect but I know my fellow classmates who ******* and whined about A&P2 being so hard will have a rude awakening come Pharm II med cards, Med-Surg and clinicals begin. Which is like the the 3rd hour in first day returning, haha.

    I've also heard Peds and OB can be challenging but I am ready to get past fundamentals. I should prob have done this earlier since I just wrote an essay but guess I didn't realize how much I had to say. Thx.
  9. by   xxMichelleJxx
    You can expect to take the following courses:
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Life Cycle
    Medical-Surgical Nursing
  10. by   BrookeMarie
    Thanks for the responses guys! I just got my acceptance call 2 days ago and it's official the 24 month program is what i will be doing. I will take everything you guys said to heart and I will put school in front of EVERYTHING in my life! I cant miss an opportunity like this!