Trade Schools- Are they a waste of money? Is anyone happy with a trade school? - page 3

I am currently having a hard time deciding what to do. Currently, I have all my pre-reqs done to enroll in a Nursing program aside from A & P and micro. Only issue I am having is, due to budget cuts, there is a 2 year waiting... Read More

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    I would work as a Cna and go to the lpn school.You can do a CNA program in 6 weeks.Yes,the trade schools are expensive,but in my case I got accepted into the trade school immediately and I was on the cheaper schools waiting list for 3 years.In my state Medical assisting and LPN schools are both 1 year programs,I would just go right to the LPN school.

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    I agree that the MA program is probably not the best route, especially if you want to be a nurse. I received my LPN training at a trade school and my RN at a Hospital Program. The trade school was *WAY* harder, it was fast and furious, but doable and I received great training. I was prepared well. Trade schools are a viable alternative and I think you'll do fine- just research the GRADUATION RATE and the Passing Rate. Not just one or the other. Each one is so different.
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    I'm currently going to a trade school and I'm loving every minute of it. My teachers are knowledgeable and do their very best to make sure every student is getting the help they need to succeed. A lot of the negative reviews that you will read out there for tech/vocational schools are from students that A) went to a genuinely bad school ( hard to be bad if your school is accredited) B) expected a free ride through school and ended up failing out because they didn't do the work. My best advise to you is contact the schools you are interested in and do tours around the campus, talk to students and staff while you are there. Good luck finding the right school for you!

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