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    Huhhhhhh!!!! I'm in the waiting period guys....I'm waiting to see if I am going to be admitted into ttcm for the jan.2013 lpn class. This is stressing me out...I'm on pins and needles waiting by the mail box everyday for an acceptance letter. Is anyone else going through this???
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    I am too but I won't even see a letter if I am accepted until April because classes start over the summer. Ugh! Good luck!!
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    In a similar boat. Got accepted by phone, but waiting for the official acceptance by mail. Was told they should be mailing them out next week. I won't feel like its official till I see the letter in my hand! They told us by phone we were accepted in September. Program starts next month.
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    Guys...this is killing me...I hope we all get our letters this week so it can be official!!!
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    Yes, I got It double time. I was awaiting acceptance into the program and got on the alternate list, so my waiting still continues, instead of the mailbox it's my cellphone. Waiting for that call. I have tried to keep busy, and keep my mind off it process. But sometimes I get caught up. Good luck to you and I hope you don't have to wait twice!!!
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    I am still waiting but today I have come up with a plan!!! I am going to call the school nursing department and act like I forgot how long they said it would be until they mail out acceptance letters! Then I'm going to try and ask the assistant have they already selected candidates for the program and if so did I make the cut!!!! Hope this works guys!!!!
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    I did this today !!! Lol I called several times before but haven't in a while and I just called to see when they was mailing out acceptance letters and the girl said they was on her desk now and was going in the mail today and she asked my name and she told me I was accepted !!! YAY !! I start Jan 14, 2013, I have a calendar where I'm counting the days down.
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    I forgot to ask, did your plan work pokeme25 ?
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    Congrats to you!!!...I called and called but I only got through to the voicemail service...which its crazy because up until now I've been able to get through to the assistant with no problems!!!...huhhhgggghhhh...going to try again 2moro! Lol I'm not giving up!!!
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    Hey pokeme25, I think we are waiting on acceptance from the same university Lol, I had my interview and im anxiously awaiting a acceptance letter also, my nerves are shot, Im sure you will get that letter really soon
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