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  1. HELLO! I'm new to this! I currently applied to the Tennessee Technology Center @ Shelbyville, for the Nursing Program. Has anyone taken this course? I will find out end of July if I'm accepted. What is the class like? Is it as hard as everyone says it is? What is the best thing to be studying/reading over the summer? I'm sooo excited, and just hate the anticipation of waiting to find out if im in or not!

    Thanks for any information!
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  3. by   mattiemiranda
    I go to Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville. I started the LPN program on May 3rd and just finished up my 6th week. I have heard that all of the TTC LPN programs are similar. Basically, it is extremely fast paced! In Nashville, we started out with Anatomy, Personal Vocational Relationships, and Geriatrics. PVR and Geriatrics were short and the finals for those 2 classes were only a few weeks after the start of school. Now, we are still in Anatomy and have started Skills and Intro to Med/Surg. Finals for Anatomy and Skills will be in about a week.

    The program involves a ton of studying!!!! I am doing really well in all of my classes and made A's in the 2 that I am finished with. Just be sure to read everything that the instructors tell you to read and highlight what they go over in the books. I usually study anywhere from 4 to 6 hours after classes. It is overwhelming at times and stressful, but you will get used to it!

    Things may be different in Shelbyville but that is what the program in Nashville is like! If you have any questions feel free to email me at mattiemiranda25@gmail.com!
  4. by   tam.lex
    Thank you for the info! Our class is supposed to end at 2:15 everyday, so I'm hoping that will give me 2-3 hours to study after class before my children get home....I haven't even started the classes and I'm nervous! I hear alot of people fail out. Do ya'll still have everyone that you started with? How many did they accept in your class? Ours accepts 48......hopefully they'll mail out letters soon!

    I work best with a study sheet. Like tell me exactly whats on the test, ya know? THey said if you make below an 80 on the finals thats automatic, and your out. Scary! I took A & P 1 and 2 in an online class, I'm hoping that'll help me a little....

    My email is tam.lex@hotmail.com. thanks for the info! Keep us updated....when do you start clinicals?
  5. by   momma21
    Tam.lex I am also applying to TTC but the sattelite campus in franklin when are you all suppost to recieve your "letter" I am also in the waiting game right now, what did you score on your compass im wondering what other scores were so I can compare I had a 56 math and 96 reading Im hoping that my higher reading score will help out bc that math score wasn't the best anyways if anyone else wants to post there scores that would be nice just curious what others who got into the program scored on the Compass...
  6. by   tam.lex
    Hello, I don't remember my EXACT score, but my Math was like 83 and reading was 87. I got my letter on Friday, and I got in! I'm so excited!!

    If anyone else has been through this program, let us know! We could use some advise. Thanks!
  7. by   CrazyGoonRN
    I am in my 2nd semester at a TTC-Dickson extension campus. Starting the first week of class we had between 5-7 tests a week! It is definatly not easy and since you have to maintain a 80 average a few people failed A & P. The first semester is a lot of book work and not a whole lot of fun. The 2nd semester we go to clinicals 3 days a week and it is awsome!! Now we only have 1-2 tests a week since we are in clinicals, but there is a lot of clinical paperwork. I have a problem with procrastination and have had many nights with very little sleep. I have heard many RN's say that the LPN program is so much harder than the RN program. I think that this is because it is so condensed and fast paced. You have to keep up or you will be left behind. I do have to say that I absolutly love clinicals! I look forward to them and wish I was there when I am sitting in class. All I can say about clinicals is dont be afraid to ask a question no matter how silly it may seem to you. If it is going to help make you a better nurse then ask it. Good luck with everything! Oh, I made a 98 on reading, and a 88 on math.
  8. by   dee78
    Yep, I'm in my 2nd semester at TTC/Chattanooga State. We had just as many tests every week in the first semester. Multiple subjects at one time, unless you were exempt because you'd taken A&P and nutrition already. A&P got one or two students but the final math test and cancer tests got a LOT. We lost 12 out of 45 in first semester.

    2nd semester is easier in a way, you only have one system a week. We take 3 tests, one day a week, instead of 5-7 tests spread throughout the week. But the material is harder and requires more studying.

    We have 3 more weeks of class left, then a 3 week break. Let me tell you, it's getting harder and harder to stay motivated. This program is intense and you have to keep with it because one major mess up can knock you out if you are borderline.

    Good luck!!!
  9. by   tam.lex
    The final is what you have to make an 80 or above on, right?

    What is the lowest you've made on a final? How many finals do you have in one semester?

    IM SO NERVOUS!!!!!!!

    I need some study tips!!

    dee78 - stay motivated; it'll be worth it when you're done!!!
  10. by   CrazyGoonRN
    We do not have finals at TTC-Dickson. All the tests are counted equally. If you make a 79 on any test then that is failing. As long as your final average is above 80 then you pass that subject.

    My suggestion is to study, study, study. Use whatever study method that has worked for you in the past. You won't have time to do things like you have in the past, and dont procrastinate. You will regret it (like me). Also, try to do very well on the tests at the beginning of the semester so that if you do bad on a test near the end of the semester you won't have to worry about your average dropping below 80. Also, write down everything, even if you think you will remember it, because you may not remember. Try your best to stay organized. Get at least a 1in folder with dividers and some of those clear sheet protectors. My folder has a clear covered slot on the front and back where I put my class schedules that the teacher passes out. Also, you will probably need a rolling backpack because those books are very heavy.

    Good luck with everything!!!!!!!!
  11. by   CrazyGoonRN
    Oh, I just thought of something else that has helped me! My laptop has been a lifesaver. At the beginning of the semester I didn't bring it and my hand almost fell off from trying to write all those notes. My hand hurt all the time when I was in class, and I was missing some of the notes because I couldn't write fast enough to keep up. I discovered that taking notes on my laptop is so much quicker and now I hardly ever miss any notes! In my class several people bring their laptops and we share notes with each other so that if someone misses something then its probably in someone elses notes.

    Also, help each other out as much as you can. If you dont know how to do something then odds are that someone else in the class knows how. Also, if any drama starts in your class the best thing to do is to stay out of it. Life is too short and this class is too important to get caught up in negativity. I know from experience that the ones who stay out of it are much happier

    If I think of anything else I'll post again!
  12. by   tam.lex
    Thank you so much for all the help and words of wisdom!!!!

    Have you started clinicals?
  13. by   CrazyGoonRN
    Your welcome!! Yes I have started clinicals. In the first semester we did our Nursing home and Psych (very interesting) rotations. We are now in our 2nd semester and we are doing our hospital, OB, Health department and ER rotations. Some schools do home health but we will not be doing it. In the 3rd semester we will be doing our school nurse, and more hospital rotations and I'm not sure what others.

    It is a hard class but there are several single mom's in the class who are doing fairly well, and some who have not made it. It is hard work but with didication and determination you can do it!!
  14. by   dee78
    Apparently each campus has their own policies...

    The math final MUST be 81 at Chatt State or you are out, doesn't matter what you've made on any other tests.

    We do have finals, in every subject during first semester. In 2nd semester we will have a systems final, drug final, and nutrition final. They count for 30% of our grade.

    I made all As in 1st semester. This semester I've made a handful of Bs, but mostly As. It is possible. Each person has their own learning style and I've actually changed my ways throughout the semesters.

    I'm now using my laptop and making powerpoints. It helps me to stay focused when I'm studying because my attention span seems to be getting worse as the semester goes on.

    Another poster is right, try to make high grades at the beginning so you aren't worried at the end. The stress is bad enough, you don't need the extra stress.

    That's another thing, I have 3 kids and I'm a single mom. My stress levels have never been as high as they are now. But even the single, kidfree classmates are dealing with high stress levels.