Starting LPN program Fall 2011, need help

  1. New to I will start the LPN program at my local technical college in the fall of 2011, Louisiana. I want to take advantage of this coming year before I start, by reading/studying/reviewing as much as I can to make this a little easier. I'm 48 years old and need to get practice at studying again! Would love to find out from people who have been through this program, what topics should I study, what are your favorite internet sites, etc. Thanks so much for any help! I'm sure I'll have other questions along the way.
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  3. by   knottygirl
    I too am hoping to get into the program for fall quarter next year (even though i think the tech system here in ga is going to semesters, not sure how that's working) anyhoo...They've got me taking my prereq's right now, (anatomy, english, psych and medical terminology). I'd try to get a study group together when it comes to anatomy, I'm definitely going to start one when classes start. From what I understand anatomy is a *expletive* and it's supposedly like the "make or break" class. Not sure what you're taking this quarter/semester but anatomy you've really got to watch out for. The other classes shouldn't be too bad.
  4. by   tcgirl
    If you're thinking about continuing on to get your RN, go ahead and look into taking a couple of classes over the next year, maybe at a local community college. You'll most likely need A&P and Microbiology, so why not go ahead and take them now, if you can. And A&P will certainly be an asset for you, given the accelerated pace of the LPN program...
  5. by   AppleInBrooklyn
    Definitely start studying your A&P and maybe find out what Medical Terminology book that you will be using and start learning the medical terms (there are sooooo many!)... Also, maybe start practicing head to toe physical assessments now (you can find videos online) with family members or friends, just so you can get used to it. I hope this helps!
  6. by   jala
    Thanks so much for the replies, they are good suggestions. (And thanks to whoever moved my question to the appropriate forum.)

    I am taking the intro to computers (online) and freshman orientation classes this semester. Next semester, I am scheduled to take Allied Science. (I scored well on the Compass Test, so am excempt on taking the allied math/reading/writing classes.) This is what the school told me to take for now.

    I talked to the LPN instructor, she said to buy the anatomy color book at Books a Million. If I learn the anatomy, I can concentrate more on the physiology. That's all she said to do. But I have a whole year, and I can learn so much to be better prepared.

    Now someone I talked to at the orientation class, told me she is taking a medical terminology class right now, and A&P starting in October. No one told me about taking these classes, and when I questioned, was told they don't know why she is taking them now. I don't know if I should inquire about taking these, even though they will be covered when the actual program starts Fall 2011. Or study on my own as much as I can since I don't work and I have alot of time to study.

    I bought two of the Barron's EZ books--Biology and Anotomy & Psysiology, for now.

    Just wish I knew how in depth into the subjects we will get.
  7. by   AppleInBrooklyn
    I wouldn't bother taking an actual class for A&P and med terms because it will be included in the LPN course but if you can get a headstart on learning terms and basic A&P (on your own), you will have an advantage. I'm about 2 months into my LPN program and I am overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at us.
  8. by   aglpn2011
    If you are interested in furthering your career to RN, you should try to take A&P I&II, Mircrobiology and many more classes. But if you dont, then you dont really need the A&P classes. I am also at a technical college in Louisiana, and they do cover A&P and some medical terminolgy. It would really help if you could take a medical terminology class at a community or at your technical college.
  9. by   Lexxie
    If you take A&P now, you may be able to skip that in the LPN program. Two girls in my class were able to do this because they'd had A&P courses within 5 years of starting the program. I'd check into it.
  10. by   MelissaB
    I start the LVN program tomorrow and I am very very nervous. Any suggestions to get over my fear?