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Start in August and scared to death

  1. 0 Hi folks,

    I start LPN Clinicals in August. I am SCARED TO DEATH. I'm mostly worried it's going to be way too much for me to handle time wise.

    I have to work to pay bills. My boyfriend works ft but it's only minimum wage... Not enough to live on.

    I'm just scared, and worried. Right now, the goal is to get my LPN and work while I finish my Clin Psych degree. But part of me thinks I might end up really enjoying nursing and sticking it out to PMHNP.

    Just scared about how overwhelming it can be. I made this account years ago when I was considering nursing, but now I'm spending time reading the forums.

    Guess I just wanted to say hi and assuage some fears.
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    it's okay. We all felt like that. I did lvn school while working 2 jobs. It was super crazy, but I passed with great grades. I did take out some student loans to make it a bit easier to live.

    If you want it, you can do it. good luck!
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    I start Monday, and I am scared too! Terrified actually. I am also taking out student loans to help with the bills while I am in school, that allows me to cut my hours at work. Is that an option for you? Hang in there. You can do it!!
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    I did my first clinical in march and I was so scared too! Most of my friends felt the same way. I definitely didn't feel prepared to work on a real live human being! However, it didn't turn out to be anywhere near as bad as I thought! I enjoyed it and I learned a lot! Good luck and have fun !
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    Hello! I'm currently an LPN student who is two months away from finishing. Don't stress out too much, clinicals are fine. If you're worried about the long days (ours are twelve hour days), just keep busy. Believe me, they go by much faster if you keep moving. Don't be afraid to volunteer for things either. I have no medical background, so I volunteered for anything and everything just for the experience.

    The most important to your patients! If you're not sure about something (like how much help they need throughout the day)... ask them. They're my favorite resource during clinical (but of course check the facts if you're not satisfied with their answer). About the job, I hear ya. Stick it out and it'll all be worth it. ��
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    use the summer to learn medical terminology, organ systems and bones.... it will really put you ahead of the game... practice ratios unless ur good in math.. I'm not..... and learn Marlow, Erickson and Kohlberg as they pertain to the nursing process...

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    Relax, and BREATHE!!!

    Nursing school can be very scary, and PN school
    can be very intense! But well worth it...

    One of the things that will help is learning how to sturdy for nursing school, ESPECIALLY since you are going to have to grasp the material in a specific period of time. It all builds upon each other.

    I will suggest finding the stickies on AN in terms of helping to study while in nursing school. Also once you get your books, get the syllabus or class plan and prepare your book for reference. A lot of schools have "suggested reading" books that are helpful...if they are included, they are a wonderful edition to your education.
    Another pearl of wisdom: look up critical thinking and nursing judgement. One of my PN instructors gave this to me to help me focus, especially because I had severe test anxiety when I entered school. It helped me as a student, and as a nurse. Sending positive vibes to everyone on their success!!!