Should I Challenge These Classes???

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    Okay I was wondering if , I go to the Vo-Tech if I should challege some claases to get them out of the way. I mean the fee to challege them is only $15 each, and there is 6 that I want to challege. I am just trying to lessen my time in school. So, anyway these are all of the classes that we have to take:

    Introduction to Computers
    Medical Terminology

    Anatomy & Physiology For Practical Nursing


    Infection Control
    Practical Nursing Concepts
    Medical Math

    Physical Assessment

    Geriatric Nursing/ Application of Nursing Skills

    Geriatric Clinical

    Diet Therapy

    Medical/Surgical Nursing I

    Medical/Surgical Clinical I

    Pediatric Nursing

    Pediatric Clinical

    Maternal/Neonate Nursing

    Maternal/Neonate Clinical

    Medical/Surgical Nursing II

    Medical/Surgical Clinical II
    Medical/Surgical Nursing III

    Medical/Surgical Clinical III

    Mental Health Nursing

    Mental Health Clinical

    IV Therapy

    Professionalism for Practical Nursing

    And these are the ones that I want to challege:

    Introduction to Computers
    Medical Terminology
    Infection Control
    Medical Math
    Physical Assessment
    Diet Therapy

    So that would be a total of $90. The tuition for fulltime is $450 (all fees included), so the xtra $90, won't be a big hit, and around the time I would take the challege tests, I should be getting my second loan disbursement for this semester, so I'll have some xtra xash on hand for school. And I will be transferring in
    Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition. So if I pass all of my challenge tests, that will be 8 classes out of the way.

    And by my calculations, instead of graduating after 18 months, I should graduate after, 14 months I think.

    So what do ya'll think? Oh BTW, just in case anyone was wondering, I haven't mastered all of the classes that I want to challenge, but I plan on studying them on my own. Do ya'll think it's possible, or a good idea?

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    I say go for it except for the physical assessment course. The one I took for my BSN was much more involved and informative than for my RN, and it was full of information I couldn't get from just reading. Lots of anecdotes from experienced providers, and little tips that came in handy later. Plus, because it was more informal it was a great bonding experience before the later group projects (you knew who to stay away from).
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    Don't be fooled into thinking diet therapy is an easy class. I have a sound nutritional background, not from any formal education, but just because health and nutrition is an interest of mine and I've studied it extensively on my own by taking a variety of community education classes. However, this class caught me completely off guard. I managed to end the course with a B, but it was the first of the weed out classes and we lost approx. 1/4 of our students to it. My diet therapy final exam was the second hardest exam I took the entire time I was in nursing school, with the exit exam being the hardest. You may well be able to challenge this class, especially if you remember most of what you learned in nutrition and have a good knowledge on the basics of nutrition, but I'm just advising that Diet therapy isn't a "filler" class such as Intro to Computers.

    Med term is probably a class you may be able to challenge provided you learn the root words. Our class was basically self taught using the CD and flash cards that came with the book. Fairly easy, I passed with an A.

    Medical Math you could probably study on your own and challege successfully. It was a fairly easy class. If you know Units Conversion already, then you are a step ahead because Dimensional Analysis is a form of units conversion. My program used DA, but some programs are still using ratio and proportion, and if you like that, then you'll be able to figure your dosages without problem. I think anyone with a good grip on fractions can do medical math.

    Infection control and physical assessment are important areas of practice, I'm surprised your school will allow you to challenge these classes. Especially the Physical Assessment class. But, I suppose if they do allow it, you could give it a try.

    I admire the self-confidence you must have to consider such a task as challenging some of the proposed classes. That in and of itself says a lot about you. Good luck and I wish you well and much success.
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    Try the computers and maths challenges. The rest are there for a reason. The challenges are there for people who have experience in this area (ie: courses at other institutions that you can't get transfer credit for)

    Also getting advanced credits usually doesn't shorten a courses length. You wind up with shorter days at school. LPN programs are usually set up in semesters that the courses are completed in. They usually don't allow you to take a seat with the semester ahead of you, just because you have a free period.

    I think you need to slow down admire each tree before cutting down the forest.
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