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Roll Call for Spring /Fall 2012 LPN/LVN Students!!! - page 4

Evening 2 You! I just wanted to share my excitement for starting my LPN program in January here in Chicago. Please check in with your city and school name. Hopefully we all can keep in touch either... Read More

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    Just got registered at school to start this summer. I am nervous and excited at the same time.
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    I start May 14th at Stanbridge college, in Irvine CA
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    Classes have been good, I am in Term 3 of 5 for my LPN. Last term was pharmacology and I struggled but it is all good because I passed.
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    I start next month at Grossmont HOC in San Diego! So nervous and excited! And p.s. - screw all the RN programs that didn't accept me, you are missing out! haha!!
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    I am starting an RPN program here in Ontario in September. Its a 2 year program, similar to the ADN program that you guys have in the states. I'm excited!
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    I start at Lincoln Tech in Shelton,Ct July 16 the evening program.
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    I start Lincoln Tech October 16th evening classes. 2 year program. Can't wait
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    I'm enrolled in a 24-month program in Northern CA (starts September 26) but am an alternate for an 18-month program (starts August 27).. We'll see which I end up in! Just happy to have been accepted!
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    Hi! Im Sherri. I start my LVN program August 27, 2012 at College of The Desert in Palm Desert California. I originally tried for RN but the waiting list was so long I decided to apply for LVN and I got accepted right away. I hope to get my AS in Vocational Nursing then take the 30 unit non-degree option for RN. I am very excited but nervous at the same time. Any suggestions or pointers would be extremely helpful. I look forward to conversing and getting to know all of you here!

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    Hi! I'm Lynne, and I'm starting school in September at BCIT, Medford, NJ.
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    Quote from FutureNeoNursing
    Evening 2 You! I just wanted to share my excitement for starting my LPN program in January here in Chicago. Please check in with your city and school name. Hopefully we all can keep in touch either on here or by email. I would love to communicate with new LPN students like myself :-) Graduates are also welcome to give words of wisdom or advice! Hope to talk to you all soon Have a Great Week....
    Oneonta, NY
    Otsego Area School of Practical Nursing
    Start Sept 4th!
    Good luck everyone!
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    I start July 19th at CCCTC. Never been more excited/nervous in my whole life
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    Starting school September 4th, can't wait. I know it is hard but it is what I want and with the Lord by my side I will succeed. Congrats to all future nurses, know that it will be stressful and you will be tired but keep pushing forward you rainbow is at the end, don't look back just press forward. Above all else remember to get proper rest, put family and friends to the side let them know you love them but you have a job to do and you will see them when you see them, eat a proper diet, and exercise. Most importantly if you feel like you don't understand don't skip it, get help form a study group or get with the clinical instructor asap. The school year will be over with before you know it, stress don't last always, so sit back buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life. Lancaster County Career Technology Center -1- yr program