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Question to the single Moms

  1. 0 Hey guys, so I have a question. I am married but my husband will be deploying so so basically, during school I will be on my own with 3 year old.

    We are stationed on the other side of the country from any family so my question is this: what did you do/do you do with your little children when they get sick and can't go to daycare? It says on my program website that I can't miss more then 3 days in the 10 months it runs or I will get kicked out. That really worries me.
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    My kids rarely got sick but if they did I had a family member watch them. Try your best to prevent your kid from getting sick such as increasing their vitamin C intake, dress them properly etc. There are nanny websites that you could google so that you are able to have a back up plan AND also, try and talk to some of your neighbors and good luck hun
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    Some in home daycares may be able to help with that. They sometimes charge by day. It depends though on how severe it is. I don't have family were I live but I had to have a back up on top of a back up for work and will for school.
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    I will be in the same boat. The month after I start nursing school my husband will deploy. I have 5 kids...YIKES! Is there another military wife that you can get help from? Military daycare providers have something called mildly ill care. You should look into that.
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    You could start interviewing babysitters now as an emergency back up plan. Try -- it's free for military families.
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    Hey guys, thank you so much for the answers! I did talk to a friend that agreed to take her just in case! Phew
    And Stephanie30, You have my upmost respect! 5 kids plus school - I don't know how you do that!