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Just wanted to say hi to everybody . I will be starting nursing school on Monday . Have a bunch of feeling going on right now . But mainly looking forward on becoming a nurse.... Read More

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    I am in Texas. I will be going to Vernon College in Wichita Falls. How about you?

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    Quote from Twinkle007
    Steph and jmatafka which school are you going to?
    I am pa I will be going to HACC in lancaster
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    Good luck to all of the newbies and welcome!
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    Hello and welcome! I'm just finishing up my first term! Good luck and study hard!
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    Been in school for a month now. It's so much reading! I've been a cna for 10 years or so. Maybe that will help me in clinicals.
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    I am in Ca L.A. private non-profit CES

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