my first quizes for my semester....

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    Man I don't know what it is but so far in all my nursing classes ( data collection, med sueg, pharm 1, and mental heath) this semester I scored a 70...whomp whomp. I'm studying!!! What am I missing??? Any suggestions??? Help please

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    Wow, I guess I'm on my own. I didn't ask for answers to my homework. *sigh *
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    If your book has any CDs that came along with it review it. Also, check out YouTube and also see if you can form a study group in your class. If you have any questions ASK your teacher to clarify them before you take your quiz/test. (My experience is those questions are the first ten). Don't get to down the class just began! Best of luck
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    If you have an nclex-pn book and or hessi-pn book, study the information out of there, that is what helped me think critically and also helped me passed my exams this sememster as far as Pharm and Med Surg 1.

    As far as Pharm, study the class of the medication,s the side effects, nursing interventions, and the dosage and route of the meds and you will pretty much figure them out by looking at the ends of the names (well most of them not all). Good luck hun
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    Thanks so much I'll try that out
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    Try using "Study Blue". It's an online flash card online thing that let's you create flash cards quickly and you'll be able to use them online and on you cell. I flash card myself to death and I get B's with some A's.
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    I use Study Blue, Quizlet, also the ATI books (if your program uses them) are invaluable. See if your textbooks have practice exams online. Mine do and the questions are very similar to the ones in class.
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    How long does your instructor time you on a quiz or test

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