Med Surg Help Please!

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    Hello, My name is Taylor. Today I had my first day of Med Surg and I am, to say the least, overwhelmed. I have the passion for nursing, I basically sleep with my book! I just want to know if anybody has any advice to tackle this semester so I can graduate. I have a 3.8 GPA and dont want it to suffer because of an information overload. Do I write tons of notes to memorize, stop studying for the NCLEX already, keep up with study group, flash cards?! These are my tactics and I hope they all help! Any advice, fact sheets, or clinical experiences will be helpful!

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    First thing is can only tackle one task at a other question is WHY are you studying for the NCLEX at this time??? I suggest you tackle the Med Surg component FIRST, that is the short term goal. The next goal-semi long term-is to pass the NCLEX. Don't put the cart before the horse, ok??
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    Okay thanks! I am just doing the NCLEX 5000 questions online, it helps me review what I already learned, see important rationales, and realize my weak areas. I (hopefully) take the boards in June which isnt that far away.
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    Actually, i think studying for nclex is a good thing; do the practice tests/questions that are related to what you're learning now. It will make tests in class easier too cause youll have a better sense of actual test questions. Can never be too prepared...
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    I have also been studying for the nclex for a month or more and didn't start lpn school until Jan 7th. I found it has helped me to rationalize my way through test questions much better... helps me think like a nurse. My teacher says we'll be adequate nurses at graduation, good nurses after a year and excellent nurses after 7 years. It is a process to say the least, and critical thinking is numero uno according to my textbook. Good luck.
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    The only helpful questions to go over is what you learned...remember each person is different. It sounds the the OP is overwhelmed with the material and although going over what was learned in the past, there is other material, in the NOW that needs to be learned...sometimes information overload can be a BAD thing. The majority of nursing schools are proctoring NCLEX questions and NCLEX-like questions, the point is to decrease the anxiety and digest what is in front of the OP...There is nothing wrong reviewing NCLEX questions, as LONG as it is the material that was from class...for instance, I used a Med-Surg success book when I was in school and It helped me with my tests, but that was a part of a study plan AFTER I reviewed the material, not for anything else...but again, everyone is different...just remember, STILL don't put the cart in front of the horse, especially if you haven't got the material yet...grasp the knowledge FIRST, then apply to the questions...that's my 2 cents.
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    Thanks! I find it easier to understand by putting myself in a clinical setting like the NCLEX questions do. I love nursing school, Im just a bit overwhelmed with all of the disorders I must learn in 3 months .
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    Thanks! I agree. It will only get harder from here as we work toward our long term goals! It is a process and your mind is your greatest tool!!
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    From what I am reading, you don't need any advice, it seems as if you are very well organized, have things in order and down packed, AND, studying your nclex questions is one of the best ways to get through nursing school (from my experience and many others). Just keep up the good work, do not fall behind on your reading, good luck

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