LPN program without Prereqs and waiting list

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    I live in Brooklyn, but I'm relocating to North Carolina. However the only LPN program without a waiting list and prereqs is ECPI and it cost $20,000. I'm not tie down to move to North Carolina yet but is there any LPN programs out there without the waiting list and no prereqs. I'm just looking for one that only last a year.


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    I could be wrong, but I think they will all have SOME pre-reqs: English, math and A&P at the very least.
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    I completed a year-long LVN program without waiting lists or prerequisites, but the tuition was $20,000.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I completed a year-long LVN program without waiting lists or prerequisites, but the tuition was $20,000.

    What exactly is a LVN? If its worth it I'll go into the LVN program. Also with the LVN program, can you bridge to the RN program.
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    LVN = stand for Licensed Vocational Nurse, yes you can bridged it for Nursing program which mostly school accept as long as your licensed from LVN is current or pass the Board.

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    I am in the LPN program in connecticut...

    In CT there are two types of LPN Programs: State-run and private. State run programs have no prereqs, but you must pass a basic math and english test, then go thru an interview. That takes several months. There is no 'waiting list' per sae, but you have to pass the test and wait for the next class. This class costs about $5,000 total...

    The private classes have their own requirements, and cost $25,000...

    (Which one do you think I am enrolled in )

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    Have you checked the NC State Forum? May be some info. in there....

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    I am in the second to last term of the ECPI LPN program in North Carolina. There are no prerequisites required, they offer them to you during school. It's an intense program, one year, M-F from eight to four thirty. The difference between LVN and LPN is the state you live in. Usually, LVN is in the western state like California. I chose to suck it up and pay the 20 grand because of the long wait times for RN school, and now with my LPN schooling I have already been excepted into RN school that I would have had to wait two more years to get into. A lot of the schools in my area, have transitional programs that forgive some prereqs if you have your LPN liscence. Good luck to you, can't wait to finish school, take the Nclex and start working to pay off the first in a series of student loans to come
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    Hi, I am graduating this June from Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing for my LPN. Its 10 months long, M-F 7:30 to 3:30 (T and TH end at 1pm) More clinical time than NY requires and its connected to a great hospital RGH (Rochester General Hospital) and it only costs under $7,000. No prereq's other then the typical testing to get in. Then to graduate you must have completed Eng I and Psych. I moved from Orlando FL just to go to this Program. Its highly recommended! Hope this helps.
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    Im wandering if any of you guys have info about lvn schools in california...im planning on attending soon and i need as much info as i can...plz help!!!

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