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Hi guys! I am taking the entrance exam for the LPN program at ES BOCES in 11 days. I have been studying a lot but I'm still really nervous about the math section. Can anyone give me some examples of what types of questions will... Read More

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    Aww yay! Congrats! That's so exciting!! =) Ugh, I hate sata questions lol, (I'm always just 1 answer off, and am always contemplating the 1 I'm off by and the times I choose it, its not the answer, and of course the times I don't choose it, it was actually the answer- I can't win haha.) I attended the ati prep, it was informative but distracting due to some students (as is always the case in that school lol.)

    I actually purchased the lippincott nclex pn alternative format questions for 2014-2015. As much as I can't stand lippincott after this year haha, it's pretty informative. All it contains is sata questions as well as a few different alternative format questions. So while it's hard, I think (and hope) it will be helpful. I also purchased that nclex pn app that everyone recommends, hopefully it all pays of (because I've certainly "paid out" lol.)

    I'm so excited for you! That is awesome news =) I wanted to go into an RN program after this but unfortunately, I don't have any of the pre-reqs that are needed (I was a big screw up when I was a teenager, boy am I kicking myself now.)

    I wish you the best and seriously, you were such a life savor this year and I'll never forget it. It makes me really happy to hear all of the great things happening for you, you def deserve it! =)

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