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Just want to share : )

  1. 1 Hello my other lovely nursing students!
    I just want to share that I passed my TEAS test with a.... 92%!!! The proctor was in shock!!!! I'm so excited &&& to top it all off, I just submitted my application to pTEC here in St. Pete, FLA. I already have my A.A., in general studies, and I have 3 years experience as a C.N.A., both hospital and home health.
    Keep your fingers crossed, I really hope to get in! I'll find out on the 30th if I've been accepted or not
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    that's awesome. good job and good luck
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    Congrats kskaggs126,

    Excellent score, you must have studied a great deal or just an good student! Wish you the best, and sure you'll get into the program.

    I'm in Fl also, Fort Lauderdale.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    That is awesome!
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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the nice words. Excited to start living my dream as a lifetime student LOL.
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    WOW! 92% is GREAT!
    I know at my school they focused mainly on GPA and a passing score on the TEAS V test. If they look at that TEAS score alone I'd say you stand a pretty good chance of being accepted. I'd bet your GPA is as impressive as your TEAS score.

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