Is the LPN class hard??

  1. 0 Can someone please tell me is the LPN class hard?? I live in charlotte nc. I m thinking about going to school for LPN, i m 41 yrs old amd some of my kids r getting older so i would like to go back to school and make some good money i m hoping away. I would like to do an online glass on LPN is there a such class for LPN online?
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    I do not know of any online LPN classes. There is too much hands-on you will need. It is very difficult, but definitely doable. Do not do it for the money, the work is hard and you will earn every dollar and penny you make. Be careful and make sure you want to be a nurse, not just to make money.
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    Some people think LPN training is hard and others think it is relatively easy. It all depends on your previous academic background and your ability to grasp new information.

    By the way, the money is not as good as it may seem, considering all you'll have to deal with during the course of each shift while working as an LPN.
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    LPN training was very hard for me specially after 9 hs working and with 51 years old. BUT YOU CAN DO IT as well I did it.
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    It is hard. I am currently doing an LPN course in NY. Needs dedication and time spent. I am 42 with two kids and I work part time. I know I can do it, as can you but you have to be realistic if you have the time to put in. I have not seen or think there would be any LPN online courses.

    Good luck!
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    Parts are hard and others aren't so much. It depends on the person. My first semester came naturally to me for the most part. It's very time consuming in that you need to study a lot, and practice procedures a lot.
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    Yes LPN class is very hard! I dont think its possible to do an LPN from the beginning maybe LPN to RN but i still wouldnt take that class. you have to be hands on. You learn by doing this. I am currently in LPN school right now fulltime. Im doing very good because I have a good memory but I see alot of ppl struggling. I'm only in LPN school bec it's the quickest way for me to get my RN. And also I work with omrdd in a group home and they have jobs for LPNs. These are the only two reasons im putting myself through this. I really love this population and cant see myself doing anything else. If not I wouldve strictly gotten my RN. Trust me its way less stress. Do your RN and make way more money when you're finish if time is not the issue.
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    It depends on how you learn.It was not hard for me,but Science has always been my favorite subject.I read Medical journals and Science textbooks for fun lol!!!! The only hard part is Math and calculations because I'm weak in math..Actually,I can't really say that its hard,I just have to study it a lot more than the other stuff.
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