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In third quarter

  1. 0 I am 3 weeks into third quarter. I was hoping it would be down hill but it is like a never ending plateau. But none the less JUNE 13TH here I come! I have been told that 4th quarter is down hill :-) how is everyone else doing?
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    I'm only about 6 weeks in and I'm already mentally tired. Just started clinicals yesterday and we have our first fundamentals test on Thursday. Super nervous because i think it may be nclex like questions? I'm not sure. 10 more moths!!! How was your first fundamentals test?
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    I am currently in my 2nd quarter (3rd quater starts in 2 weeks) and I was mentally drained in my first semester between clinicals 2 days a week and studying for 2 exams every week along with class work, kids, etc.
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    Once you get used to questions that are select all that apply and put these steps in order it things go a whole lot smoother. Good luck.
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    Hello every one! i must agree on the previous subscribers if feels like a never endibg story. i am in one month into second quater and am feeling so overwhelmed. i have test anxiety and am not doing to weel on exams. can someone please give some advice to how we can juggle this fear, anxiety and work and school.
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    I graduate in June as well and it's really getting tough now! Yikes