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I finally got accepted after 3 times of trying......I knew I would never give up! But now I am sooo nervous and I have no idea what to expect now! May you please give me some tips and help me out on... Read More

  1. by   missmarylou
    The best, and worst time of your life!!! It's great, I love it! I love the sleep deprivation and the ridiculous amounts of studying and never feeling prepared and being terrified of patients.

    Seriously though, you will be fine. Just try your best to keep up and hang on for the ride! Its amazing!!! Good luck!
  2. by   guildboybelize
    congrats i graduated in may and i passed nclex in july the best advice i have is whateva books you get as far as hesi and nclex please do the questions on the cd that comes with them becuase i didnt ubtil i studied for the nclex and i now know if i would have during the time i was in school iwoulda been even more prepared i put it off for some unknown reason lol .... and please memorize you meds ... lab values more importantly , bones , and stages of pregnancy, time will fly becuase that was probably the fastest year i ever experienced and when its time for rn school you will definetly have a very good foundation becuase i started in september and everyone thinks im the nerd and im like wow if they only knew lol anyway good luck and study hard!!!
  3. by   sbear24
    i'm in tulsa, ok...i'll be doing my lpn at tulsa tech and my adn at tcc. i haven't decided where i want to do my bsn yet, that'll be a few years down the road. i have orientation in two weeks so i should know more then about the pacing of my program...it's an accelerated program so the whole thing will be pretty fast.
  4. by   TipToeLPN
    I just started my program 2 weeks ago and all I can say is read. Make sure you read your chapter before you get to class so you can ask any questions you have. We will go over a chapther on Monday and have a test on it on Wendsday. I'm in a part time program and I feel like it's fast paced. A girl in my class started making her flashcards be for school even started. I like using a website called quitzlet, it allows you to make flashcard or use the one other people made to test yourself. DON"T CRAM. Study everyday in increments. We were told to study for 50 minutes then take a 10 minute break. Make sure you get other classmates phone number or email in case you miss a class. I hope this helps you a little.
  5. by   MindyydniM
    Thank you all sooo much!
  6. by   lovedijah

    For what it's worth, my biggest problems in fundamentals were..

    Blood pressures- Definately start practicing now. Your teachers will probably teach you the way they want it to be done for test purposes, but just get comfortable with the basics. Get comfortable listening to sounds. I would also try to find the pulses of as many people as I could. You really want to get comfortable with that. Some people in my class had "difficult" pulses to find, and the teachers had no mercy during check offs. So just practice. If you google, a lot of tips and techniques come up to easily find pulses.

    If you have pharmacology this semester, it'd be helpful to learn abbreviations. Conversions would be helpful. How many teaspons equal... How many grams are in... Basic stuff like that.

    If you can get your books before hand, skimming over would help. I don't know that I'd start reading and memorizing things now- but just get an idea of things. But if you're wanting to get started right away, I wish I had more time to study/memorize.. lab values. What is the normal range for WBC's? What is the normal range for RBC's? Things like that. We needed to memorize nearly 6 pages of labs and tests, and it was hard with everything we had going on.

    Also your book should have skills demonstrations for foleys, ng tubes, wound changes, inserting an IV. You'll probably have skills check offs duing Fundamentals. Skimming over that would be helpful, just to get an idea of what to do and what's to come.

    Once you get in class- definately try to study everyday. That's the mistake I ran into. We had skills check offs each week and two other tests. If you didn't pass the skill, you got kicked out the program. I was so overwhelmed with that, I would sometimes study study study the skill and not study as much as I could for the other tests. Definately try to find a balance with things.

    Good luck and congratulations again!!
  7. by   MindyydniM
    @ lovedijah and other commenters....HELP! Omgosh! That's a bunch to remember! Ill get it though...well I have another question...I'm taking meds and I have heard that one of them will test positive for amphetamines...omg what do I do? Its wellbutrin..lisinipril.. ventolin and qvar for my asthma btw will I get knocked out of program or what should I do?