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Hi I was curious to see how much schools are everywhere else... i'll start off with mine.. 2008 Lancaster, CA $22,000 (I feel I paid to much:crying2:)... Read More

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    $7,000...and it an 18 month LPN program

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    $6000. 12 month program.
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    28K all inclusive of uniforms, books, IV certification and nclex test. 10 month program in California financial aid paid for about half if it, student loans for the rest. Sure I could have gone to a community college, but I would of had to sit on a waiting list for minimum of two years. Ill be done with my program in 10 months and half way done with my RN bridge before people on the waiting lists for a CC even step foot into a class room. So in the end do I think it's worth it? Sure do... time is money. Ill be done paying back my loan before most of the people on the waiting list even finish.
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    I just started my LPN program in December 2012 and I just want to start off by saying I absolutely love it and cannot get enough! Anyway, my program cost $10,500 and I had to put in about $1000 prior to starting for books, clearances, stethoscope, etc
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    I'm from San Jose, CA, and I am currently attending Mission College's Vocational Nursing program. Through all my hard work during high school (AP classes, college courses, etc.), I was admitted the first time I applied to the program. Costs are estimated $3,500 for the whole 1 and a half semesters, but my expenditures are probably lower due to finding good deals on textbooks and uniforms.
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    OMG maxed out you federal student loan ceiling for undergrad!!! I just had to say that out loud...but I understand your desire to be a nurse, I really do.

    But that tuition price is a SIN...I really believe no one should be paying that amount for PN school. I only say that because if you get a loan, there is no federal loan repayment assistance for PN school. I paid that amount for a BSN, and my student loan is like a second mortgage for me, but I'm eligible for the Federal Loan Repayment Program, because I am a RN.

    I couldn't imaging repaying that back as a LPN, and I made mid-high 50,000 as a LPN at one time, however, If you are making it work, my nursing hat is truly off to you!
    I'm actually paying for most of it without any loans. At least half of it and I'm working while going to school. I also live at home so I have no bills except cell phone, gas, and car insurance. I totally know how expensive it is, but for me it is worth it. I can be making decent money fast and I won't have bills to pay right now. It is a private college, but in the end it would cost me more money waiting to get in to public school.
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    $27000 for tuition, books
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    27k and I was not eligible for any grants because I have my bachelors degree So I am paying with all loans. This included books, nursing equipment, roller book bag, NCLEX exam, etc. This is in NJ
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    Quote from MAtoLVN
    My LVN school is about $47,000. It includes books, scrubs, and a nclex study class. I know it is expensive but I couldn't afford to wait around anymore.
    What area do you live? Here Bay area is around $28,000
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    Quote from tinlokkoo

    What area do you live? Here Bay area is around $28,000
    I live in Sacramento.

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