How do you survive LPN school with your sanity?

  1. Hi everybody! I am halfway through an 11 month LPN program and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm a single mom of three kids. They are 4, 2 and a half and 13 months. I am havinh an extremely hard time balancing everything. I feel like my life right now is devoted to care plans. I'm struggling through my classes because I don't seem to have enough time. I don't work currently and I can only study or care planor work on assignments after the kids go to bed. Does anybody out there have any tips on coping? Does aanyone have any advice on remembering the mass of information that is Med-Surg? Anyone else feel like you signed away your sanity when you registered for nursing school? Thank you so much.
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I am also a mother of two 8 years old and the other just turned 1 years old today yayyy , but anyway, I am not working as well and some things that I do to balance out my time are, it only takes me about an hour to do my care plans, I use my medical surgical nursing book that has many care plans for many conditions. I also study when daughter is asleep and when I first get home from class (I get out at 2 and my kids go to daycare). I also use my Saunders Comp Review Nclex PN book as well as my hesi book to study to. On the weekends, if you are able to, try and have other family memebers watch your children for a few hours, go to the library and or a nice quiet place other than your home, and get some studying in. Study while the kids are taking a nap, etc. I hope some of my tips helped and god luck
  4. by   Stoogesfan
    Wow!! U can't even imagine 3 kids alone. I have 4 kids but I'm married and only going part time. I do work 24 hrs a week but still, I can't imagine soon that with no help. Do you have family or friends that could help with the kids for a couple hours during the week so you could study?

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  5. by   fre2bnice
    I'm also in LPN school and graduate in 3 months. I work full-time 3rd shift also as a CNA. I don't have any children but there have definitely been days when I think my sanity is gone. I make flashcards for each disorder and skill including nursing interventions and drugs. This has helped me a lot, especially in med-surg because I can carry them around with me and glance at them periodically.
  6. by   mamax3
    Thanks everybody! I do have my parents that help me quite a bit. I'm just struggling with time management and Med Surg is absolutely kicking my butt. I think my critical thinking needs some work!
  7. by   pnkgirl25
    I'm out of school by 3. I pick up my daughter by 3:30, cook dinner, play with her, watch a little TV, take baths etc. I make sure we are both in bed by 8pm sharp. I then get up at 4am and study from 4-6 while she's a sleep (still get in my 8 hours of sleep). This works for me because the info is fresh in my head. I then get her up at 6:15 and get her to daycare by 6:45am. If I have a test or a lot to study I usually come home, fix dinner, then head to mc Donald for an hour and a half to two hours and let her play while I study.. bonus... free wifi. I'm then home by 8 and still wake up at 4am to study for two hours. So this way I get a total of 4 hours of study time in.

    I will say that I am very very lucky in that I usually retain 90% of the lecture and rarely need to study. I might study 5 hours a week...if that and so far I'm top 3 in my class.