Hesi Lpn Test!!! help please!

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    Hi, my name is lyndsay and I am an Lpn continuing my education in to the Rn program. Before I am allowed to enter the Rn program I have to take the Hesi-lpn examination and im wondering where i could go to find an actual hesi lpn study book? is there free online questions? Im having a hard time finding any. Also too if anyone has taken this exam already before on a scale from 0-10 10 being the best how would you rate this test on hardness? I have to score a 900 or higher is that a likely goal?

    Thankyou so much for all your help!
    I truly truly appreciate it.
    again thanks


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    Dont cause yourself anxiety. There is no much to the test, but keep doing question and make sure u known your basis,patho, positioning, Lab value,dosage calculation, priority,sata, ped, mat/newborn,diagnostic and try 2 read and elinimate as mush as possible.I wish you best of luck. i will surely advice you to have EXAM CRAM & do HESI cd question.
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    would recommend this also
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    Quote from KAYBDT6
    i will surely advice you to have EXAM CRAM & do HESI cd question.
    Where do you get the HESI CD questions?
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    Quote from AZMOMO2
    Where do you get the HESI CD questions?
    @ the back of the Textbook!
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    We took the HESI last week. We didn't really prepare for it because we were just a 'trial' group because out school is looking in to using it for admissions. It was pretty easy if you've taken all of the needed pre-req's. Study up on Chemistry, Biology, A&P and it also has basic grammar. There is also a critical thinking section. Good luck! And don't stress out!
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    umm you def need to prepare for it. i just took it on monday and needed a 850 and got a 734 and have been studying for over a month. if you got a hesi prep book there should be a cd in the back and that will be helpful. review your test taking strategies. i also used the NCSBN site. you can pay for review courses. they cost about 100$ but they are soo helpful and after you answer the questions you get the rationale and also test taking strats to use. good luck i retake mine next thrs
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    I am taking my Hesi on Nov. 2, does any one have any advice about it? seems like every one is almost failing .
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    I feel for you! I had a 3.9 gpa. I had no problem with my NCLEX and have been working as a lpn for over 3 years now. My school says I have to take the hesi before I enter the rn transition program. I have taken the hesi twice and have not passed twice. I did better each time but still did not get the 850 required. The last time I took the test was in the head administators office and afterwards we talked about my frustration. They claimed that I should not be studing the lpn nclex or lpn reviews. hey said I should study the RN NCLEX for the rn boards-I really don't get it. Why would I know the rn material when I am trying to become a rn and have not had that education yet. I go to school in Wisconsin. Bless all of you that say it was easy...and I'll pray for the most of us that face this highly questionable test...especially that I am a lic.PN and have passed my NCLEX already:spin:
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    hey thanks for the respond, i have to take the Hesi- LPN in order to be able to take Nclex-lpn which sucks even more because i can not even work until i pass both of these tests

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