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    I recently had all of my books/notes/binders stolen from my car, you all know how frustrated i must feel. I am going crazy because all of my notes are gone all of my hard work and long nights of making outlines and so on is gone!!!! Does anyone know where I can find cheap books such as adult health nursing or the nclex review book anything!!!!! thanks for reading xoxo
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    Go to a book store and get the saunders comp review nclex book (its green) or order off of amazon or ebay and do overnight shipping
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    I was able to check out a bunch of Nclex books from my local public library! I would check there first.. It's free!
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    Sorry to hear! Been there before, wallet stolen.

    Yeah library is free....other wise Amazon probably cheapest. You can also rent books from Barnes and Noble.

    Best of luck!
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    Did you use any online access codes from your books? Many of my books included free digital versions that could be viewed online.

    For NCLEX prep try your library. File a police report. Depending on your insurance coverage they may help with replacement cost if not homeowners/renters insurance.
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    Used books on, & Electronic books and older version books are a lot cheaper; and you can get them shipped overnight so you have them to study with right away. There is also a free audio downloads for Feuer that I would use when driving around. Feuer has great notes.
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    Thanks for your advice.. I wish nothing but the best in your future endeavors !
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    So sorry! I can't imagine how stressed you are right now! Definitely try, I've gotten a few books there for less than amazon or eBay- and definitely file a police report!
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    Start with your counselors at school... They usually have an emergency fund set up for events just like this.. Then get a friend that u would normally study with and photo copy their notes...sure, it won't be exactly like your old ones but will at least get you by... Good luck