Has anyone heard of LPN TEAS Entry Exam

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    Please I'm a math dummy not sure where to start? (I have the TEAS pre-test study manual) Has anyone out there taken this exam? Any suggestions? How is it?

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    I heard it is basic algebra, fractions, percents, ratios, decimals , division and multiplication
    you can find free practice tests on the web
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    Get the Study Guide book from ATI. If you know all the material in the book you should have no problem on the test!
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    The test was super easy. The math was where I struggled. The amount of time given and the questions were tough because math is my weakness. Just grab the study guide from ATI I believe it's only $50. This will help you so much. Good luck!
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    The test is easy as long as you study from the manual. I spent a couple hours a night and ended up in the 99th percentile in the Nation.
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    I took the TEAS and I bought the manual for $20 on ebay. It was a really nice brush up course for me (since I had been out of school for a while). The test is VERY similiar to the ACT in my opinion, with more emphasis on the sciences. I mostly just read over the math part again and skimmed the science part and I scored one of the highest grades ever to come out of my school. I really recommend the study guide and just going over your basic algebra and you should do fine. Good Luck!!
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    I just took the test last week and would def recommend that you get the manual and pay for the practice test as well through ATI since the TEAS test is done through the same website and will look EXACTLY the same as the practice test. It helped me alot. ATItesting.com is their website! GL!!!!
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    I'm freaking out about the science portion...I haven't taken chem or physics in so long..
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    Hello all, Im new to the forum... Im planning on taking the Teas at the end of this month. For those of you who have taken the test- how much time did you study before taking it? I'm very nervous because I want to do well on the test.. im nervous about the science portion. i thought the test was only going to be based on A & P, but I guess I was wrong. Thank you for your time.
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    What vasion are you taking?

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