Going to school for lpn now

  1. Omg it's the first week and my eyes hurt I'm tired all this reading. I dont want to give up because I want this. It so hard I will be reading and it will go completely over my head. Any suggestions???
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  3. by   Amber628
    Keep reading! Dont fall behind! Use quizlet.com or the quizlet app to make flashcards, it also makes games and tests with the flashcards...highlight highlight Highlight. Get a study partner or group so u guys can outline a chapter each (example if u have a test on ch 1-4 , you each outline 2 chapters and make copies for the other person)

    A&P flashcards and games can be found online also lots of nursing apps use them to ur advantage

    Also when u get to pharmacology use mosbys drug book and make drug index cards to help u learn the drug its action side effects ect
  4. by   itsmejuli
    Learn to read with a purpose.

    Look at your syllabus, what are you covering in class? Read the information pertaining to your lecture.

    Do you have power points for each lecture? If so, find that info in the text, review it and highlight it. THe info gone over in class is usually the stuff on the exams.

    Review the chapter summary.

    Go to class, take your text and power point printed out, jot notes and page numbers on the power point. By now you should know what you're going to be tested on. Review the chapter again, take more notes and make cards of material you need to know. Review it before test time, practice test questions on a Saunder's NCLEX cd.

    Yup, I made straight As and passed NCLEX first time with minimum questions.

    Dont' let yourself get overwhelmed by looking ahead. Stay in the moment. You'll get there!!
  5. by   ADN2B
    Study groups are great.
  6. by   nicoleg4646
    Thank you all for your help I'm going to lock myself in my room for 5 hrs to review the chapters.
  7. by   1pinknurse
    What worked for me was to study for 1-2 hrs max then take 1 hr break. Then study 1-2 hrs again with 1 hr break & so on. This way I retained more of what I was studying & there was less pressure. Review power points & main points, then get into a study group with a few others whom are as serious if not more than you are. If you are confused about anything just ask. I use actors/actresses or family members for disease process memorization. So if I know someone has gone thru an illness or disease, I use association to memorize the process and treatments. It has worked perfectly for me. Good luck & don't pressure yourself. The light bulb will eventually go off and it will all make sense.
  8. by   Stronghold114
    I just listened in class. And I did fine. Normally the lecture follow the chapters in class, So I would highlight in the book as the teaching was teaching to keep me paying attention. But then again I learn audibly very easily. But you can do it! I just started working and I am so glad the stress of school is over.
  9. by   nicoleg4646
    It's just a case load 3 kids , singel mom have to find time. It's just the girls that graduated came to speak. They said read everything and I didn't know it was 30 pages to a chapter. My eyes are burning and I forget.
  10. by   nicoleg4646
    I'm also taking health calculations and Anatomy 1
  11. by   bijoutRN
    Just pray, study, & don't fall behind. You want to keep your grades up now so that you won't even need the final to pass the class, and of you do, you only need a few points on the final. YouTube, tutor, library, study groups, ask ask ask! Read read read, study study study! Med Surg I was the most difficult hands down so be prepared!

    I'm taking A&P 2 & Psych 4 now. I begin RN school Sept 2013. Classes begin tomorrow so I have to get back in gear also. I graduated w/ a 3.3 gpa in LPN school 2/16/2012 passed the NCLEX w/ the minimum 85 questions & I've never been the smartest cookie lol. If I can do you it you can! then again I have no kids, bills, or responsibilities. But half of my class did & they all made it. We're all happily working as nurses now! GOOD LUCK!
  12. by   Randij
    Where and how do you find the right/ study buddy or group?
  13. by   dturnin
    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your reply. Really good advice and I'm going to use it. Thanks for the inspiring me with your words of widsom. Congrads on completing lpn and Good luck in rn school.