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Fundamentals done!

  1. 9 Well today was fundamentals final(91) ended the class with an 89!!!! 1 point shy of an "A" but hey i wear my 89 like an "A"! We covered 38 chapters in 6 weeks! Im so proud of myself i may go drink a glass of MOSCATO!!! Starting Med surg on thursday but im starting TODAY with my reading no time to waste! Class still 10 strong we didnt loose anybody(some were on the verge of not passing but pulled it together today). Skills check off tomorrow & 1st day of clinical wednesday. 7 exams with a final & ATI TEST(10% of our grade). 1st exam was scheduled for next thursday but she pushed it to the 15th atleast this time for each test its 2 chapters per test(1 med surge & 1 peds). Ready 4 this next challenge, changing my study habits a little to incorporate medications into it. Aim to do better in med surge & may get an "A" but we'll see! Til next time! 2013 here i come!
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    Way to go! I will be thrilled with an 89 Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks mom2many2012! Im so excited i cant stop smiling! Im normally that person that would be happy with just making a "C" but i set my goal a little higher this time & decided to not just to do enough to get by & to bust my behind & it paid off! Woo hooo!
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    That is awesome!! Keep it up!! I am sure you'll do great on your following classes.
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    how was the ati fundamentals taking it in december!!!
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    @ babygirly the ati fundamentals test is based strictly off the ati fundamentals book. If you read that, you'll do fine. I studied it along with what i was studying for class that way it wouldnt be so much at then end so start reading it NOW & answer the questions @ the end of each chapter.
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    Congrats!!!! Just started med surg, it's tough definitly get a nclex book good luck
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    Yay!!! That is great news! Fundamentals was a tough one!
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    I didn't find the ATI exam to be that difficult. The practice exams are harder I think. I'm NOT looking forward to Med/Surg ATI in a few weeks! That book is HUGE!
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    thank you.. i needed to see this.. we are two weeks into fundementals and i feel like im drowing right now!!! but i can pull through this!!! thank you for motivation
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    Congratulations! I finish fundamental Nxt week.