Financial Aid (PLEASE HELP)

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    Okay. So I was attending a community college and decided I didnt want to attend anymore due to a certain situation and decided to go to Concorde. I got a letter saying I had to pay back some money from my pell grant award and if i dont pay within 10 I will not be able to get financial aid at no other school. I will begin my lpn program on april 1 and dont know if i can pay it by then. Any one else had this problem? If so what happen?

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    You have to pay it back, or you'll be denied financial aid until the amount is paid. Pell Grants have stipulations that you must attend a certain period of time (around 66%, or 2/3 of the semester) before withdrawing, otherwise you are responsible for paying back the unused portion that you were awarded. Left unpaid, you are ineligible from financial aid until it's paid. Go long enough without paying, and like a student loan that's left unpaid, you'll go into default and become permanently ineligible for all future financial aid.
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    Will they still let me attend Concorde and just pay without using financial aid?

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    Depends on the individual school, I would contact them and see what they say.
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    Thanks A Lot.!

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    You could probably set up some sort of payment plan
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    I tried. I have to pay it in full. But I talk to the people at my school and I will let me go without using F aide and just make payments til i can pay the F aid money off. If not if going to have to wait til September. :+(

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    If u cn afford to pay for school without financial aid then do it.....if not set money aside to start going towards paying the school bck.....I owed a Skool and. Couldn't get transcripts or fa till it was paid mines was 800 but Skool said since it was old I could pay 624 and that would be payment plan I sacrificed. Saved 200 from each of the next 3 pay checks and paid it's worth it...once u get in Skool and graduate that money will not matter any more....u will get it bck..... I hope it's not a lot u owe....hopefully this helps. Your education is worth it!
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    I owe 821. I just got a job so i will do the same. Put money aside to pay it off. Thank you alot for the help.

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    They are going to let me start.! Yeahhhh.!

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