Financial aid for LPN as a second degree

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    I already have a B.S. in anthropological sciences, so will I be able to find any funding for a second degree as an LPN? I've been looking around with mixed results.

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    Fill out a FAFSA to see if you qualify for financial aid, and check for different available scholarships. My entire LPN program is being payed for with a Pell grant that I qualified for.
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    Okay, it's the Pell I've heard mixed news on. I'm currently a home health aide and make a small enough amount that I would qualify for a full Pell if I didn't already have a degree. FAFSA and fastweb: Check. I'm going to seek advice from the financial aid people at the school I want to go too.
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    LPN isn't usually a degree, it's generally considered a certificate/vocational/diploma program (though there are a tiny amount of US schools that award an associates in practical nursing). Technically it is a step backwards, education wise, if you already have a bachelor's degree. You are correct that generally you cannot get a Pell Grant if you already have a bachelor's degree even if you are otherwise financially eligible. ( ) Have you considered entering an accelerated BSN program? It's a good idea to seek advice from the financial aid office where you wish to attend school. Either way you have to file a FAFSA.
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    Since you already have a degree you do not qualify for fee waivers. The good news is that you qualify for financal aid loans--should you wish to go into debt.
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    ... more debt... I did just find a program that'll only cost me about $3000, though. I might be able to save that much with my HHA job by the time it starts.

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