Fall 2012 LPN Students...Let's update!

  1. Well, I'm going into my fourth week of school and it is extremely challenging. There is a lot of material to learn in a short amount of time. We started out with Fundamentals of Nursing and Anatomy and Physiology. Fundamentals lasts 11 weeks while A&P on lasts 5 weeks, so we are almost done with A&P! It is going by so fast! It wraps up 10/17. Tomorrow we have our very first clinical rotation and starting next week we have clinicals Thursdays and Fridays til the end of the module. Level I module ends 12/19. We have a lot of homework for Fundamentals which makes it really hard to study for A&P because we spend so much time on Fundamentals. And the bad thing is we have a quiz in A&P EVERY week. Every two weeks for Fundamentals. Even worse, starting next week we will only have A&P once a week, so even less time for lecture.

    I like our group of students so far. There are a few immature students (over age 23) that really make me cringe but it is to be expected. There are a few younger students that I can tell are at the most two years removed from high school that I can tell still have high school mentalities (They aren't the immature crowd). Then there is the group of students that clearly has not let it sink in that we are in NURSING school and this is no cake walk. Then we have the students that are serious about their education and work very hard. A pretty diverse group but no one that I just blatantly dislike. Well there is one person, but I ignore her lol.

    I have A's in both Fundamentals and A&P so far! I study very hard, systematically, and I pay close attention during class! I just thank God because He is really working it out for me! I just pray that I can keep up the good work!

    How is everyone else's journey going so far?
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  3. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Good job! Keep up the great work! We finished our last fundamentals lecture today! We have covered 37 starting aug 17th up until today. We covered 4-5 chapters(3days) & have campus labs 2 days. We have our 6th exam this coming monday, skills check off next friday, & our fundamentals & ati final oct 1! As of now i have a 87 average which im proud of(did manage to make a 91 on my last exam). We start med surge 1 oct 1 after our exams & clinicals start oct 2nd, im excited about both! Im hoping to maintain a "B" average for med surge as well, aiming for an "A" but i'll take that "B" that way i can keep my hope grant! It has gone by so fassssstttttt! We have some immature older people in my class too & to keep my from snapping i just pray before & during class 4 God 2 keep my mouth closed because somedays i want to turn around like "carrie" & tell them to please "SHUT UP"! & thumpers dad said "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" so i just read my chapters. Its ok to talk about your life before class but during lecture is not the time especially when its about something not even pertaining to the lessons(i.e. boyfriend/family/children issues, food, working out). Other than that everything is going A ok! Now back to studying
  4. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Good job girl! Keep it up! I failed to mention we had a few skill check offs so far with the vitals. We have lab once a week in A&P. Good luck to you!
  5. by   WahineMakai
    So far, so good! We've just finished week 4, and I feel like I'm really getting into the groove. I've got a 99.6% average so I'm pretty pleased about that! We've done numerous skills check-offs, and had 2 days of clinicals so far, and that's also going well. Of course, we haven't done a whole lot in the clinical setting yet, really just getting oriented with our hospitals/facilities, but we've had some patient contact and it's all been positive. I like most of my classmates, and I'm learning to ignore the ones who drive me crazy!

    Good luck to all!
  6. by   I♥Scrubs
    Next week will be week four for me. We have had two A&P tests, two Fundamentals tests, one for Growth & Development and one for Pharm (which was just basic math, doing fractions) We also had a culture project and we have quizzes every day. They help us to see where we need to study and what we are not getting. The quizzes, do not hurt our grade, only help because they are "extra points" our grades are based off the tests. So far my test grades have been A&P-100, 99. Fundamentals 100-93 (the 93 was a 15 question quiz, I got one wrong, and then she is combining that with our culture projects we have due tomorrow for the *real* test grade.) Growth and Development-96. Pharm-96. So far, so good!

    Next week we have our hand-washing check offs. Monday we have people coming to fit us for our uniforms for clinical. We also have another four tests next week. So far I really enjoy most of the people, except for a select few for various reasons. (Some laugh at inappropriate times when our teacher is telling us stories about patients she has had in the past, and for some reason they find it hilarious) while others complain, are immature or just downright rude. Overall it's good so far, starting to build each class and it gets more complex. Our next chapter for G&D is about the elderly adult stage and the changes that take place int he body during this time. The notes are 20 pages long and very detailed so I have re-typed my notes and printed them off, then I cut them and pasted them to index cards to study.

    We do not start clinical until November so they are trying to figure out placements. I have made some pretty good friends so far, and study buddies. Everyone tells me I should be a teacher because I help explain things to them and then it makes more sense.

    Keep pushing forward everyone!
    Remember, the only place where success comes before work, is the dictionary!!
  7. by   mom2many2012
    We just completed week 2 tonight. We have had 6 tests so far, tons of information learned, received our stethoscopes and got checked off for surgical scrub and feeding. Tons of work but I <3 it so much. How's everyone else doing?
  8. by   jlogan
    I'm finishing up week 6 tomorrow and so far have had 3 exams, which I passed . It's so exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Good luck to us all
  9. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Aww I can't wait to start Pharm! We start in two weeks as soon as A&P ends.
  10. by   LadyLeo75
    Hello all we are finishing up week two. So far we have had 4 quizzes in A&P and three in fundamentals I must say it really is a lot of information all at once. We have out first clinical skills lab next week on hand washing and we should be getting out clinical bags next week as well clinical starts on October. I try to study as much as possible but I need some down time once in a awhile. It is challenging but I am enjoying the ride so far.
  11. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Wow im amazed at how with some of you future nurses are taking a&p & fundamentals together! Hats offs to you! We had to have a&p finished before this semester started(i took it last yr). Everybody is doing good though, so keep it up! Lets keep this up!
  12. by   barbarajw
    We've just finished our second full week of class, and over the next two weeks we have 4 tests coming up on Basic Math, Medical Terms and Abbreviations, History/Legal & Ethical Issues, and Basic Nursing Skills I. It's been a lot of info thrown at us so far, all in lecture format. We won't start labs for another few weeks, and then a few weeks after that we start clinicals.
  13. by   goldenretriever8
    It's going ok for me so far but its very stressful, which was expected! im in in 3rd week and start clinicals next week!!! the program that im in is a 10 month program so this is going to be the most intense year of my life lol....im taking a&p, micro, fundamentals, and med math...o and not to mention clinicals...yikes lol but i am determined to finish this program cuz the end result will be worth it...i dont have any kids and im able to live with my parents so i dont have to worry about rent or any of that.. i do work as a nursing assistant at a local hospital but i only work on the weekends which allows me to pay for small things like gas and food...anyways good luck to everyone in the nursing program, your hard work will pay off soon...keep your head up and reach for the stars....oh and check this link out i found on youtube...def keeps me motivated NUR 101: Introduction to Nursing School - YouTube