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Well, I'm going into my fourth week of school and it is extremely challenging. There is a lot of material to learn in a short amount of time. We started out with Fundamentals of Nursing and Anatomy and Physiology. Fundamentals... Read More

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    We've just finished our second full week of class, and over the next two weeks we have 4 tests coming up on Basic Math, Medical Terms and Abbreviations, History/Legal & Ethical Issues, and Basic Nursing Skills I. It's been a lot of info thrown at us so far, all in lecture format. We won't start labs for another few weeks, and then a few weeks after that we start clinicals.

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    It's going ok for me so far but its very stressful, which was expected! im in in 3rd week and start clinicals next week!!! the program that im in is a 10 month program so this is going to be the most intense year of my life lol....im taking a&p, micro, fundamentals, and med math...o and not to mention clinicals...yikes lol but i am determined to finish this program cuz the end result will be worth it...i dont have any kids and im able to live with my parents so i dont have to worry about rent or any of that.. i do work as a nursing assistant at a local hospital but i only work on the weekends which allows me to pay for small things like gas and food...anyways good luck to everyone in the nursing program, your hard work will pay off soon...keep your head up and reach for the stars....oh and check this link out i found on youtube...def keeps me motivated NUR 101: Introduction to Nursing School - YouTube

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