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I guess I will get us started... 1: what date you start/ school name 2: how long is your program 3: why are you becoming an lpn.. 4: how much is your program... Read More

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    my final is on the 29 for med surg 2, i currently have a 93. wish me luck..
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    how many are still with me.... less then 90 days of class left. it has been a very hard and long year.
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    Graduation June 13th. It's so close I can taste it!
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    I'm still here...I looked back to see when I first posted on this thread and it was July. I'm in Level 2 now...7 months down, 11 to go
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    1. August 27/Lamar Port Arthur
    2. 12 months
    3. I wanna start working already and then I know I can always bridge to be a RN at the school I want to go to!
    4. $13,000 almost $14,000
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    I finish July 3!!!
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    guys only 73 more days and i will be done....
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    I'm applying for two diff schools. One is Dekalb tech Mon-Thurs 8am-3pm
    And Bauder College 8am-5pm Mon-Friday.
    Each program is 12mos but I won't have to do the 1st semester Cus I finished some of the classes already.
    I want to become a nurse because, it's in my blood. That's all I know working in the medical field. I finally decided too live my dream and get it done. Choosing the LPN program Cus is quicker and I can work, while I bridge over.
    DeKalb tech is $8,000 and Bauder College is $30,000 plus includes books, labs and state test.
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    45 days 15 hours 32 mins to my last day of lpn school.. Only 2 more test to go
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    67 for me! I'm officially done on August 16th! Congratulations on making it through!!!