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Class starts Monday!!

  1. 1 I'm so excited and nervous about my program starting on Monday march 11th! Any tips on how to get started on the right foot?
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    Congratulations! Buy a tape recorder. Recording classes enabled me to listen to lectures in the car and by the end of school I hardly opened my textbooks, I only made A's and B's. I hope this helps! Find a good study buddy and make sure you have some time aside for yourself every day, if only it's 5 minutes to breathe in and meditate.
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    Do not get behind in the assigned reading.
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    Be prepared I like the tape recorder suggestion, and a good laptop is almost a necessity now. Find a good group of students to study with, get into a routine, understand that your life will revolve around school for the most part. Nursing school is tough, but once you get into the swing of things, you'll be fine!
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    Thank you for all the tips! I would love to get a tape recorder but they are against the programs rules. PA is weird with that. Luckily I am a pretty decent note taker and I'll make flash cards out the wazoo. We had a two day orientation and this up coming Monday we will dive right into basic nursing skills in the lab. I'm excited! Also, I just found out that the PA board of Nursing has changed the LPN scope of practice to include IV therapy. More clock hours!! Well, wish me luck!
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    TIME MANAGEMENT! If you haven't mastered this skill - do it now lol!