Can you become a LVN w/ Hepatitis B! PLEASE HELP Can you become a LVN w/ Hepatitis B! PLEASE HELP | allnurses

Can you become a LVN w/ Hepatitis B! PLEASE HELP

  1. 0 Hi everyone, thank you for reading my threat. I am currently taking my pre-reqs to become a LVN and the program starts APRIL. I've been tested positive for hepatitis B but i am very healthy. I was looking through the school manual and I notice that i have to get the hep A n B shots before enrolling in the program. I have already had my shots for hep A but i have B. I want to know if I can still become a LVN? I contacted the program director and he doesnt have that answer and i contacted another school program director and she told me that I need to call the LTC to find out.. So, anyone out there is a hiring manager that can help me answer it question. I want to waste 18k for nothing. Or anyone, help me get the answer.. school is starting soon..and im in CA

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    You could contact your BON, but I would think it would be illegal to discriminate against you. As with everyone, so long as standard precautions were maintained, there would be no real issue.
    Good luck in starting your LVN.
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    It's illegal to discriminate against someone for having a certain affliction. Many employers do not even ask if you have hepatitis these days.
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    Just do as they ask for schoo. I don't recall on the LVN application that they asked if you were positive for any medical condition. So as far as a license goes, I don't think so. Now for work, just give them what they ask for. They can't descriminate against you for any medical condition, but you never know. Talk to your doctor about getting the shots for Hep B. Even though you have it, if that's all that the school and potentional employer are asking for, hey you have it done. They don't need to know more, unless you have to disclose it by law.
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    You may just have shown response to the vaccine you took for Hepatitis B. If you have actually had hep b, the only worry with your transmissibility is if you have chronic hep b carrage. This is quite rare but there are blood tests to detect this. Go to your doctor or talk to a Public Health Nurse at your local health district. Don't panic, you'll be fine and even if you are a carrier, there are plenty of things you can do with just a few easy precautions.
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    I learn something new everyday in this profession. Thanks for the info Debra!
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    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your response. I emailed the program director a few times but he havent gotten back to me yet. He told me that its a program because students to through health screening when they are doing their clinical. So now, im afraid that he wont let me in the program because he knows i have hep b. Anyone know if what health screen process when you are doing clinical? But, I think its a good idea to see my doctor and get vaccinated for hep b. THANK ALL SOOO MUCH! im so discourage right now!!!
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    From what I remember a health screening means having all of your immunizations and a complete physical. At least that's what I had to go through.
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    What about blood work? I was told that you have to do blood work also
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    I am not a nurse yet, so I inquired to my college's Exposure Control Officer. She advised me that you can not be discriminated against due to your conditions. However, you must be able to meet the acceptable performance standards and medical evidence that your condition is not at threat to yourself and others. Also depending on your state, you may be required to disclose your medical condition. In our state a person in health care must disclose a diagnoses of any communicable and or life threatening- illneses within 30 days. There are many healthcare workers who have tested positive for Hepatitis B and many whom have contracted it through the healthcare setting. Good luck to you!
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    Quote from lily123
    What about blood work? I was told that you have to do blood work also

    For titers yes you will have blood work done, but not to check to see if you have hepatitis, HIV, Leukemia, etc. It's just to see if your immunizations are up to date. If not, then you will have to get shots. I understand your concerns, but try not to worry so much about it. :hgu:
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    I don't know about getting into school but a former classmate works with an RN that is HIV+.
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    Hi, I see this thread is from a a couple of years ago and I'm wondering what ever happened. I'm in the same boat. I'm waiting to find out if they will let me in the program even though I have Hep B. Thanks for any info!