bad anxiety/dislike lab

  1. Started school in early October.So Im doing well in lecture we have had 3 tests so far (one day class was cancelled). I got a 97,92, and 100% on our a&p tests. I was always book smart but struggle with hands on. I think alot of my problem is I get bad anxiety! I know people notice also. Reading the book doesnt help with skills really. The teacher halfway showing us maybe once really isnt enough in my opinion. Alot of people can perform the skill like its so easy. I cant remember the steps really and my anxiety doesnt let me think straight. Its not like you can practice some of these skills at home. For example yesterday we started doing catheters. My group today in lab did blood pressures and me and a few other girls didnt even get to listen to lung sounds. The teacher had to be aware that we didnt do them...she just kept talking about a random story to the other girls. Never instructed us what to do. My class is split up into 3 groups for lab so there is no more than 10 of us at the most in the group. Also it seems like my group usually seems to do everything last and at the end its rushed. Idk just my thoughts...Im just scared for clinicals I dont want to fail. We start at the nursing home probably after Christmas (also sucks because there is like no parking).
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  3. by   Kimynurse
    Go buy a BP cuff and stethoscope , do BP, lung sounds etc. On anyone in your family that will let you.
    Most fundamental books have a DVD, that's how I learned a bunch of skills, also u tube has videos on skills.

    Is there open lab you can go and practice.

    My LPN class was the same way, we helped and taught each other.

    Parking? Where? The nursing home?
    Find out what time shift change is, get there then.
    Plenty of parking then.
    You might be there a while, study and drink coffee in your car

    Good luck
  4. by   Kimynurse
    For the skills you can't do without a dummy,
    Walk through the steps, like sterile technique, do it all except the inserting parts.

    I made fake kits with napkins as drapes, string for cath, a little box to put everything in.

    You can do this!!!!
  5. by   cmm4ever
    I guess were not allowed to park at the nursing home at all for clinicals. Its not the best neighborhood either and I really dont know my way around there. I heard alot of the streets have meters which also wont work. Thats the thing the teacher didnt even show some of my group how to do the lung sounds..i mean i can try to look it up online, but its also just the point. No open lab. I dont think the book had a cd-rom. I do have a bp cuff for home (luckily) bc the place we ordered our uniforms and bp kits from wont deliver until like Christmas which is dumb. I got a bp cuff etc from them for clinical use but dont have it yet. I mean could always practice that but the more detailed or things that you really cant practice at home sucks. I wish my anxiety wasnt so bad either.
  6. by   bubblejet50
    You cant really learn lung sounds from anyone. You have to just learn from experience. For more important skills speak up to your instructor. One thing I learned in nursing school whether it was my first or last semester was no one else is going to look out for you. Ask questions when you dont understand something, if its a new procedure in clinical ask if you can do it. I gained a lot of experience this way that my classmates missed out on. Your confidence will build and your anxiety will get less. I remember my first clinical day and wanted to cry! It will get easier