Associate degree in Health Information Management

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    I have an Associate degree in Health Information Management. I took Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology. Would this help me in getting into the LPN Program?
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    It might up your chances having some type of background because many schools do look at things like that so it wouldn't hurt to produce transcripts but, getting into an lon program mainly depends on your entrance test exam scores, interviews, etc.
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    That will look good on your resume too if you were to go on to RN, you could do case management and having that under your belt looks good.
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    A higher score on the act would help alot, and retake any low scores on math is you need too.
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    With an Associate Degree I can be a Case Manager? I didn't know that. Thank you
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    Quote from faithfl
    With an Associate Degree I can be a Case Manager? I didn't know that. Thank you
    I would think so as an RN. Just check into it, just to be sure.
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    You should be able to get into a nursing program because most only require the pre reqs done like med terminology,a&p,eng,psy and college algebra. I took up medical office assistant about a year ago and most of my classes were transferrable to an LPN program. As long as your science courses are C or better and 5 years or less when completed you should be okay. The school you are interested in will tell you what else is needed.

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