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Hello Everyone! Just got my acceptance letter to the LPN program for Applied Technology!:yeah: I am so excited! The 3-4 semester wait list for the RN program is just too long since I already have... Read More

  1. by   AshleyinSTL
    Things are great! I'm getting really excited (and nervous) about getting into the meat of everything. We have our October schedule. This month will be Fundamentals, PVC, and A&P. Are we really going to have 5 classes at once next month?? The other class here said Human Growth and Dev. is a b*tch. How are you hanging in? Do you feel like it's doable, or do you feel like you're at the end of your rope? With SO MUCH being shoved into your brain, do you feel like you're retaining all that information?
    By the way, thanks for checking on us.
  2. by   Foreverstl
    I have been trying not to panic. I think thats what keeps my head above the water. Human G&D is alot. I got a 90 on the first test though & that was over three chapters but the next test is over 5 chapters. Keeping a schedule is a very good idea although i dont have 1. But i make sure Im in my books at least 4 hours a night. I take a nap some time after school (thanks to having time to even do that) because i need a break from reading & then I can retain more.

    I know five classes seems insane but Im gonna try to get ahead in my readings so I dont get overwhelmed. When is the first test?? I know you guys will do great. Just stick together, help each other out & everything will be ok
  3. by   Takeyla22
    I know this is an old tread, but can anybody possibly give me the entire program schedule? .. Maybe including the clinical times and class times if possible? I'm looking to attend this program and work the night shift as well.
  4. by   Foreverstl
    Hi Takeyla22

    So it has been 2 years since I have graduated this program so I dont know if any changes has been made but here is some info. The program is 12 months & broken up into 3 trimesters that are 4 months each. The first trimester will be mostly general education classes....... A&P, PVC, Growth & Dev, Fund of Nursing, Pharmacology, IV Therapy, uhhhh i cant remember what else but that might be all of them.

    They will not be all at the same time at first but up to five will be at the same time at some point. The first trimester of classes is M-F from aprox 8am-3pm. Each day is a diff class.

    The other two trimesters will be when clinicals start and the nursing classes. If I remember righr clinicals where M & Tues from aprrox 7am- 3pm and class Wed & thurs from approx 8-3. Clinicals coordinate with the nursing if you are in Mental Health Nursing class then your clinical will be at a mental health facility.

    This program is challenging only because it is very direct & focused but it is doable if you stay disciplined. This program will also have you more than prepared for boards. They told us over & over that we would be ok when we took boards but I was still scared. Everyone in my class passed boards on the first try & so did all the graduates before us.