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Hello Everyone! Just got my acceptance letter to the LPN program for Applied Technology!:yeah: I am so excited! The 3-4 semester wait list for the RN program is just too long since I already have an associates, seems silly to... Read More

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    Ok I sent the email, but sorry Sheryl, I forgot to answer your questions.

    My name is Jessica & I still work right now, but only on the weekends. Im not sure if working a few hours a night will be ok for you but I would not recommend it at all. There are exams every week almost everyday of the week. This week exams, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri. Next week Mon, Tues, Thurs. There will be plenty of evenings you will probably need to do nothing but study. But their are people who have worked during the week & still do ok. Im a CNA right now & I do day, evening doubles on Sat, & Sun.

    So that is just a little advice. I wish you both good luck Sheryl and Ashley.

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    Yeah I would love LOVE weekends, like 2 twelve hour shifts on the weekends, but no one is hiring, well at the hospitals at least I got a job with a home care agency but who knows if thats enough hours?

    Nice to meet you Jessica! Thanks for all your advice and help, it's really giving me an idea of what to expect, it's so hard to know what I can do for a job, cause I don't know what my life will be like. lol

    Thanks again!
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    Hey all. Good to be pre-meeting you. Congratulations! I start next Monday at South. I've done legal asst. work for about 20 years, and finally had an opportunity to go for my dream job. Yeah, I know, most will say "What? LPN Dream job?" I live in Bloomsdale, MO, and will be commuting quite a distance. I'm pretty anxious about it, as both of my parents are going through some pretty serious health issues right now, so I've been very busy with that. It might seem like a vacation
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    Hey NettiMaria!

    Great to be "pre-meeting" you as well! I am getting so excited. I am sorry to hear about your parents. But we are all gonna be here for each other cause I am sure we are all gonna be experiencing some stresses. This is a major full time commitment, but we can do it together! Just a few days and we will be officially LPN students..crazy

    If you need anything, just holler!
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    Hey, nice to see someone else on here! I look forward to meeting you. That commute stinks, and of course I'm sorry to hear about your parents. I think you'll have a pretty good support system at school, though!
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    Hey ladies,

    Just checking on everybody. You guys have been in class two days now. So how is it going so far?? Have you gotten october schedule yet?? I think you all will be in A&P next week. Well everything is almost in full force over here. We are in four classes right now & in a couple weeks will be in five classes. But im having fun at the same time & learning so much.

    Good luck everybody
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    Things are great! I'm getting really excited (and nervous) about getting into the meat of everything. We have our October schedule. This month will be Fundamentals, PVC, and A&P. Are we really going to have 5 classes at once next month?? The other class here said Human Growth and Dev. is a b*tch. How are you hanging in? Do you feel like it's doable, or do you feel like you're at the end of your rope? With SO MUCH being shoved into your brain, do you feel like you're retaining all that information?
    By the way, thanks for checking on us.
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    I have been trying not to panic. I think thats what keeps my head above the water. Human G&D is alot. I got a 90 on the first test though & that was over three chapters but the next test is over 5 chapters. Keeping a schedule is a very good idea although i dont have 1. But i make sure Im in my books at least 4 hours a night. I take a nap some time after school (thanks to having time to even do that) because i need a break from reading & then I can retain more.

    I know five classes seems insane but Im gonna try to get ahead in my readings so I dont get overwhelmed. When is the first test?? I know you guys will do great. Just stick together, help each other out & everything will be ok

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