Anything you wish you would have known /done differently?

  1. To all the students just starting or finishing up their LPN program, is there anything you wish you would have known before starting or done differently etc? Im supossed to start October 9th. Ive been crazy busy with work. Just getting nervous and I guess having some doubts about the unknown is normal?
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  3. by   mitzijane
    Yes! sooo much! That's a reason why I started my blog...because I wish I had someone give ME tips and stuff.
    I wish I knew how to study better for myself, things I really needed and didn't get or things I had/were given but were useless in school/clinicals, balancing my life, how broke I would be, and just allll of this other stuff. I have 3 months left and I'm barely starting to realize this all on my own, which really sucks...but at least I figured it out. Some people never do! Plus now I can help other current and future nurses, so that's rewarding enough to me

    What exactly are you doubtful about?
  4. by   Mrsladysoul83
    YEEEEESSSSS!!! Wish i had done this a long time ago right out of high school instead of playing around & finally gettin it together @ the age of 29! I wish i had applied myself like im doing now back in 09 when i got into an RN program i wouldnt have flunked out! Oh well wishful thinking BUT those trials have prepared me for these test & once im finished i'll have an awesome TESTIMONY!
  5. by   cmm4ever
    Doubts I guess would just be hoping that its all going to work out. I have an A.A.S. in Medical Assisting and am certified which I never actually worked directly as one. I have been working in a hospital though since last May working as a nursing assistant for a few months including the training, bid onto a unit clerk position which I was bumped out of in June 2012 and I got bumped to pharmacy and am just finishing up "training". I am at the same pay grade as a Medical Assistant in the system would also be at. Im just hoping I can land a full time position that I like soon after graduation. I just feel like times ticking and I just want to be established! I just turned 23. Anyways to prepare myself? Im trying to go over some a&p and hopefully start with some math soon (by the way what does the pharmacology consist of?). I have been at work alot lately which is bad timing. Im part time but they are making me go per diem starting October 7th and school starts the 9th. Im not sure if its going to work out or what at work with the scheduling. Im in an union but it really doesnt mean much if you know what I mean. Like my first weekend when I go per diem she put me on evenings and wants me to do all this stuff. Days would be so much better for me. Then she says she only had new years day evening open for me to work which I found out after the fact that they were short labor day and I much rather of worked that. My clinicals might start Jan 2nd after winter break from school go figure, and she has me working the evening before.. idk sorry for rambling just stressed. Its kinda silly also that I have to become certified as a pharm tech before next June even though taking this job really wasnt my choice. Ill be graduating a few months after and idk when Im going to have the time to study for that while in school. Plus I have to pay out of pocket and find time to take it. I just want to succeed I did well in school in the past. Just looking for some general advice I guess to give me a good headstart and to do well througout the program. Also it just bothers me when ppl make negative comments about LPN. One lady at my work goes your going for your practical degree right... which I said yeah bc I knew what she meant but theres no such thing. She goes depending where you work you might make more in pharmacy. Thanks for listening!
  6. by   aseana
    I wished that I have learned how to study and that I had studied harder. I wished that I had turned in all of my assignments on time. I wished that I have time management skills and that I stuck to it. I also wished that I had a better grasp on College Algebra and Human A&P. These two things are like the meat of Nursing, especially Human A&P. My advice is that if you discovered that science coures in college are hard (especially Human A&P) and you have a hard time passing them, then you should stop because it only gets harder as you go. I am not saying this to discourage anybody. But, this is the truth. These classes build on each other. They build and build until you are done with the program. Then, you have to take and pass the NCLEX Exam in order to become a nurse. I call the NCLEX Exam the "Ultimate Test" because all through nursing school, you are gearing yourself for that test.
    I have heard people say that nursing exams are harder than the NCLEX Exam. Which, I think is good in a way because it prepares the students for the worst so that they can handle the easier stuff. These exams makes students aim for the moon so if they should fall, they will fall among the stars (which means, they can still pass the NCLEX).
    Also, it is best to work part time. That way you will have more times on your hands to study and succeed in these classes.
  7. by   WahineMakai
    I wish I had started reading sooner. Sometimes it's hard to fit in reading 3-8 chapters of material after a long day at school. If I had started reading as soon as I got my textbooks (3 days before school started), I might have felt a little less stressed in the first couple of weeks of classes. Things are starting to even out and become more manageable (I'm starting week 5 on Monday), but woooo boy, this past month has been a ROUGH one!
  8. by   mom2many2012
    Yeah, I wish I had done it at 18 instead of 39
  9. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    I wish I would have gone straight to school for BSN from high school. I BS'd for nearly five years as a business major until I finally figured out that nursing was my calling. But I'm glad it led me here because I am very prepared. I have many years of college experience under my belt (at age 24 lol). My studying skills have sharpened. I am a lot more focused this time around, which I know will contribute to my success. But that's my only regret. Then maybe I'd be a 24 year old RN instead of a 26 year old RN. (When I get the RN/ASN I'll be 26)
  10. by   LadyLeo75
    Quote from mom2many2012
    Yeah, I wish I had done it at 18 instead of 39
    I also wish I had have started years back I am 37 and it is tough but in plan I go all the way. Good luck all