Accepted on the spot?

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    Just curious if your PN program accepted you at time of interview or if you had to wait? How long did you wait? Anticipation is killing me!

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    We had to wait but not too long. Applications closed at the end of June, interview happened in August, found out in September. The wait was horrible.
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    We had to wait but not too long, no more than a month.
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    Oh man, I hate waiting!! My program emails if you are accepted, so maybe it will be quicker!!
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    The LVN program I am trying to get into makes you take a test, then out of the few hundred people who take the test 60 people get accepted to a pre-vn course which is 5 weeks I believe. THEN 30 out of the 60 who do the best and interview well are asked to join the program. I tested on february first and the list for the pre-vn class wont be posted until march 11th. This wait is seriously killing me, and the whole pre-vn class is kind of lame, but whatever. I'm pretty sure I will get in.
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    Strings? U in downey???

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    Quote from Mrs.FlowersTheNurse
    Strings? U in downey???

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    Lol in Anaheim, but hopefully getting in to DAS. Are you Alum?
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    That "pre" course would bother me, but you do what you have to do!! I'm bad at waiting, I am attached to my phone, checking my email non-stop! Good luck!
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    The selection process for my LPN admittance consisted of several parts. First there was a pre-test and you have to get a minimum score on that part. If you pass that then there was another test that consisted of more math (basic) algebra, geometry, grammar, and some other stuff. Both of those test were held in the same day. If you passed the first part (you found out the same day) you were given a packet to get a physical, shots, drug test, send off for transcripts, background check, references....After the school had ALL of those items, if you were chosen, they called you in for an interview with a doctor and other staff. Then you had to write a 200 word essay on why you want to be an LPN. If you passed that part they called you in to do your financial aid. If that was ok, you may get accepted! BOY that was a very long long process.

    As you can see this was a very tedious and competitive process. I didn't take anything for granted in this process because my school only offers to programs 2 times per year and they only accept 20 students out of many. I would say the entire process took about 5 months! Way to was complete and utter TORTURE!!!!!!!!

    All worth it...I'll be sitting in my seat so excited on March 11!!!!

    Good luck!
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    Wow! That is a long process! My school has you take the entrance exam, if you pass you get a letter telling you to get x,y and z together and then call for an interview. On day of interview you take a reading scans test, a 10 question math test, and a 200 word essay. Then I was told they would be in contact via email. There is a rolling admissions until may, and June is orientation. The program starts the end of August. So they have plenty of time to get back to me, I'm just so excited and anxious to find out!!!

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