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5 weeks until graduation

  1. 2 I can't express to y'all how excited I am! This time last year I was stressing over classes and if I was smart enough to be a nurse, etc and now I'm approaching my pinning/graduation. I'm a married mother of 4.5 kids (the .5 is my Yorkie &#128556 and if I can do this anyone can! You guys I know it's tough but please please please don't give up! Pray without ceasing and study your butts off! There's light at the end of the tunnel! God bless
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    Congratulations! You deserve it for all your hardwork. Im 9 months away from graduation and Im enjoying every step of the way! Good luck!
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    Congrats! Im three semesters away from finishing. I'm a military wife currently dealing with a deployment and I have 2.5 kids (.5 is my yorkie too). Hard work and dedication pays off..thats what i remind myself daily
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    If you have the drive to do it, and the will to succeed, you will. I have 4 kids also, (0.5 being our lab mix!) I just graduated with my BSN last Saturday after 2.5 years of hard work, full time work, and raising a family. If I can do it, anyone can!
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    Congratulations!!! I have six weeks to go to pinning and my BSN!!! So happy and I cannot believe how quickly the last 14 months have flown by.
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    I graduate August 16th of this year and I can not wait. The finish Line is like right there and I can see it. I am a mother of an almost 8 year old and a 1 1/2 old.
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    Love all if your posts! Hats off to you all . I'm looking to further my education also..... Is the BSN program really difficult? I keep hearing it is
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    Congrats You worked for it.
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    Congratulations. All that hard work is about to pay off. I cannot wait till I am in the same position as you later on this year.