2nd week and cliques already?

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    Hey everyone,a little about me:

    I have been rummaging this site for a few months now and am finally in nursing school. We just hit the 2nd week mark and needless to say, I am feeling disillusioned. I am 25 and consider myself a quiet, intellectual and interesting person. I come from a background in EMS and was taught from the medical model.

    The girls in my class are VERY loud, talk over the instructors (who have infinitely more experience), and have righteously joined little "cliques". I am starting to feel isolated because i dont have one. I just feel that I am different from everyone else. Everybody complains about how "hard" the readings are and how so and so teacher got an attitude with them. I, on the other hand find the workload rudimentary in nature and not difficult at all. I don't throw this in people's faces and stay quiet most of the time. I also try to help some people who are struggling.

    So my question is:
    Should I try to fit in or not?

    Thanks for all your replies
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    Im in my second term , and as you explained with your class mine is the same there are people that are very disruptive and just like back in high school they make little groups. I sit by myself and focus on my work and such by myself i don't get myself into all the drama I'm there to get my education and move on. I wouldn't be too worried if you don't find a clique as you will most likely just be more distracted that way.
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    My nursing class started out like this, and like you, I felt very disillusioned because I didn't think people wanting to be healthcare professionals would be this way. I didn't make friends at first because I felt like I couldn't trust anyone. I don't know if it will end up being the same way for you, but by the time we graduated, we were one of the closest classes our professors had seen during their time at my school. Sad to say, but it took some of the people who caused drama to fail before we were able to all bond together. Keep your head up...a lot of people act like the way you're describing when they are nervous and feel like they have to prove something. Hopefully you will get to experience what I did with my class because it is so wonderful to feel like you have those people supporting you- even after you graduate.
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    I wouldnt worry about it, im in my 3rd semester & im not part or dont want to be a part of a clique! Im 29 & the 2nd oldest person in my class & my only focus is PASSING CLASS, SCHOOL & BOARDS! i sit up front @ a long table by myself. I dont like mess or drama & in order for my name not to be associated with either i choose to listen to my music & read until the teacher starts teaching. Yeah it may come out as being anti social but I DONT CARE i dont have time for that. I talk to 1 other person & thats because she got kicked out the "clique" she was in because she told them she didnt want to study with them anymore because all they was doing gossiping & not studying & so they not only quit talking to her but moved from sitting by her too! SO KINDERGARDENISH! if u just want to be a part of something, get with a person that has the same goals in mind that you do other than that ITS ALL GOOD!
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    Thanks for the replies!

    It's interesting because even the instructors felt the need to point out that it's rather
    premature for cliques to be forming. Even more interesting is that the "women" who act like
    this are the older ones with kids and have been cna's forever. I think that as a whole
    my class is very immature. I do talk here and there with a couple people who are quiet
    and serious about their education. The problem is, their not in my cohort! So I'm stuck
    in labs with big mouths. So when we have a ten or fifteen minute break, I use that to

    My peers in EMT school were very different than my nursing school counterparts. Most
    of them were laid back, serious about medicine and we all got along swimmingly. By the end
    we were all soo close. It's funny because I do end up sitting by myself in lab because they
    just talk TOO MUCH. I know I come off as anti social but I'm planning to go to the bsn level
    and don't have time for high school dalliances.
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    I'm only four days into my program and cliques formed the second day. Regardless of your opinion of your classmates, there are several different personalities in there and I'm sure there are others who are similar to yourself. I wouldn't isolate yourself because these people are now your family and a huge support group. You'll need them throughout the program so try and find something in common with them. It's still too eat to pin people's personalities. I have a hard time relating to others because I'm a timid person and I was certain I wouldn't make friends but I did! Good luck! I hope you find a little group of your own
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    My program started out this way too... Just keep being YOU and do what you need to do. As time passes, things will get better. All people are good at different things, and eventually everyone will learn this and help each other. My class ended up being VERY close regardless of how we started out
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    My program sounds like your program, the teacher has to constantly tell the class to be quiet like every ten minutes, the immature cliques, and everyone complaining about the work when it was easy to me. Just keep your head up, dont worry about the cliques, and set yourself apart from everybody
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    No. You dont have to do anything different. I was the same way, when I was in undergrad I stayed mostly to myself, then one day while studying a girl approach me having trouble in anatomy and ask for my help. She ended up being my closest dearest best friend. Sometimes it helps not being part of the cliques, so when the teacher start talking about cheating and people doing tests in groups, your not involved.....
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    I've seen this somewhat in my program, but not many are rude to the instructors. Most of the cliques I've seen consist of people who were friends before nursing school. I've found that I've made many more friends from clinicals than just sitting in class. There's more time to talk and get to know each other and if you have more medical experience than the people in your clinical groups, they will want to use that to their advantage and ask you for help. And that doesn't necessarily mean they're "using" you, either, as I've made some friends that way. Use your judgment, of course.

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