28says of anxiety

  1. hi ive been browsing this site for a min and i decided to join!!! i start the lpn program in philly in 28days and im full of emotions... nervous, excited, anxious, all the above.. like many others, i decided to go this route because all the rn programs have a waiting list a mile long!!! im just wondering if some others csn share their experiences thus far.. if you are just starting lpn/lvn programs, new grad, lpn/rn bridge anything would be helpful!!how much time and effort really goes into studying, what classes will be like, will i put on weight...(not that i need a pound!), how hard was it to work and go through school.. part time, were you able to network with clinical sites and so on!!!
    thanks and best wishes to all
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  3. by   shudva
    Hello, I start my cohort Sept. 4, 2012 and I am very excited. I am not going to work during that time. I know some people say that they will work. I have a friend in an LPN program at a different school and she is still working full time and she says she doesn't know if she is going or coming sometimes. I know everyone has a different situation. I've been told that our program is a lot to add to a full time job. My program is 12 months. I hope that I don't put on a pound. Good luck!!
  4. by   nursel56
    Hi eklectisol, welcome to allnurses! Your post reminded me how nervous I was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. As my previous job had been assistant manager in a trendy clothing store it was quite a shock, let me tell you!

    Hope you'll be able to network with current students here, but as for the jitters - the nursing school process is designed to take you step by step, so the actual experience was much more manageable than my fears. Best wishes, and to you too shudva!
  5. by   eklecticsol
    awww thank you both so so much!!!im super excited, a bit nervous.. but so ready and i refuse to work full time!!! and normally stress makes me eat less!!