,000 for LPN program!  Help! $25,000 for LPN program! Help! - pg.2 | allnurses

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$25,000 for LPN program! Help! - page 2

:uhoh21: The LPN program I am supposed to begin in October is at a private technical college. The cost for the 15 month LPN program will total $25,000. I just read the "how much did your education... Read More

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    the commuter,
    you do understand that your wages are NOT the norm, right?
    so, advising the original poster to pay 25 grand when she moves around alot w/ her husband is not reasonable....if she lived in an area like you, then maybe? but still too much money in my opinion....
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    ...Most colleges will not accept the credits or licensure earned at a technical school..
    They won't transfer your credits but they WILL take you license. Once you pass the NCLEX-PN you are an LPN/LVN. If you finish you are okay.

    You may have to take prereqs to get in, but in an RN bridge program asks to see your LPN license, It is just as valid as the person who went to the community college.

    (.....Unless we are talking Excelsior in California then all bets are off)

    Some Technical colleges have branches all over the country. Check to see if they will allow you to transfer to one of their schools if you have to move.

    Personally, I'd weigh the cost ($25,000) against the time restraint. If you know you will probably have to move in 2 years and cannot possible get of an RN or LPN waitlist at the local cheaper community college that private school may be looking better and better. Another factor, how fast can you pay of a $25K student loan? $5k a year for 5 years? What is the average national salary of an LPN/LVN? Do you have some idea where your husband will be stationed and were you will move to? Check salaries...

    Sometimes the more expensive option turns out to be cheaper in the long run.

    I am a bona fide cheapskate. Check the facts and weigh the "costs"!
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    I just got accepted to an LPN program here in Tampa Bay that will cost me 2400 for the whole year's program...I plan on paying out of pocket of course. I'm thrilled and depending on where you plan on working, you can make decent money. I plan on doing jail nursing (I feel like an idiot because I can't find the term that is appropriate) when I graduate as I bridge to RN and take an accelerated RN-BSN program since I'm already post-BS.
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    Quote from quervo_nomad
    Don't give them your money. For one are you planning on continuing on? Most colleges will not accept the credits or licensure earned at a technical school.
    Every single one of the LVN-to-RN community college and state university programs in Dallas-Fort Worth will accept my licensure since it's the same license granted to graduates of community college programs. My coursework from the vocational college won't transfer, but I am allowed to bypass the first year of the RN program since I have a license of vocational nursing issued by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners.

    Vocational school grads and community college grads all take the same NCLEX and, therefore, receive the same licensure.
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    Quote from NRS2bNFL
    I plan on doing jail nursing (I feel like an idiot because I can't find the term that is appropriate)
    i think you mean "correctional nursing"....