Working while in school

  1. I am currently looking for a job with more flexibility with hours while I am in school (I currently work in dialysis and the only day I could work would be on Saturdays b/c I will be in school mon-Friday). School starts sept 24.Today i I had two interviews , one with hospice and one at a LTC. The Ltc wanted me to fill out paper work and start as soon as my background check came back and told me what my pay would be (a few dollars more than dialysis may I add!!) hospice told me they would let me know on a week and will tell me what kind of pay they can offer me according to my experience etc. (1 year clinical) there orientation is right before school which is a plus and if offered the position they would tell me how many hours I can work and what shifts. My husband doesn't care either way but I would appreciate some opinions as to what I should do.
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  3. by   lyohnk
    I would also be interested in opinions since I am not working while in school. (We have a couple of businesses that are part-time but I am not working in the medical field). I am just curious as to other opinions about this.
  4. by   EMR*LPN
    When I started LPN school in 1981, we were not permitted to work during the school week. We were permitted to work at our training hospital on school breaks as SPNs within the scope of what we were currently learning. Of course, there were those that absolutely had to work and had to get special permission from the school director.
  5. by   dialysisnurseLC
    i will be going to RN school, i am already an LPN. I have two small children so I have to work..but needless to say i went with Hospice in hopes that everything will work out and i can just work weekends
  6. by   pinksapphire
    I have just entered my 2nd semester of RN school. Our professors are telling us it is very important to get a job as a CNA while in school as most hospitals in our area (Maryland) are only hiring RN's from within their hospitals. That being said, I currently have my CNA license and have put out A LOT of applications but still don't have a job. My 1st semester of RN school was extremely tough. The material was not so hard, but I am extremely competitive and demand a lot from myself so I spent s lot of time studying. The studying paid off in the grades I received.

    My humble suggestion for what its worth is that if your husband doesn't care one way or the other you may want to not work during this semester especially if you have children. Give yourself the time to focus on school and adjust to the demands it will place on you, and then try for a CNA position over the holiday break or over the summer.

    Just my thoughts, will be interesting how more experienced students/RN's respond. Good luck with your schooling. Best decision I have ever made.
  7. by   Nurse Mommy
    I worked full time evenings at a convenience store when I was in LPN school full time. The hours were flexible with school, plus I had no choice but to work to support my husband and son (my husband is disabled but does not collect any disability). I was on Medicaid and food stamps at the time, and in order to keep it while in school, I had to maintain full-time hours or else NYS would consider me "lazy and ineligible." So I busted my ass, exausted all the time, falling asleep studying at 11:30pm after work to be up at 5am and do it all over again. But it was so worth it. I now work for my local Hospice, doing crisis care with actively dying individuals. I work 2pm-12am. I am off of food stamps/Medicaid and get excellent benefits/pay through my job. I love Hospice! Not only will you feel appreciated, you'll have lots of down time for school work. I've worked in several LTC facilities, and there is zero down time for school work, plus a lot of mandations (at least at my Hospice, there is no such thing as mandations). There's a reason those LTC pay so well... It's a terribly high stress, over exhausting job. I plan to stay with Hospice when I go back for my RN in the Fall of 2013 (supposed to be this fall but my husband and I are expecting our new baby son in January). My advice would be to let the LTC facility know that you are waiting for a possible job offer that would better accommodate your schedule, and wait for Hospice and hope they have a position that fits your schedule. If Hospice falls through, take the LTC job. Trust me, you won't be sorry you waited! Good luck in the job search and upcoming school
  8. by   AngelicDarkness
    I worked in the community as a flexible PSW while in RPN/LPN school. It was great because the hours allowed me down time with clients to get projects done or practice assessments. I know the LTC pays more, but it is more stressful in terms of shifts, and many of my friends worked in LTC while in school and didn't have the time to focus on schooling b/c they were always being called into work, or working threw breaks.

    Good luck and best wishes with which ever job you chose Either way, you'll have a great job while in school.
  9. by   amo15
    I graduated in April & have been working in a LTAC hospital in Kentucky for 3 months as an LPN. I work 24hrs a week and just finished my first 6 months of the LPN-RN bridge program. I sometimes wish I would have stayed working as a CNA, and the responsibility as a new nurse is a bit overwhelming. Other times I love being a nurse, & not just because of the better pay but it really helps me be able to make connections while continuing my education. In the perfect world working 8hr shifts would be nice but it is not an option at my facility. After school 5 days a week & working 2 days a week I am exhausted. It helps not being married or having kids though. I think it mainly depends on how well you handle stress, each person is different. Goodluck in whatever you choose