Will LPNs get paid for their experience as an RN? Will LPNs get paid for their experience as an RN? | allnurses

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Will LPNs get paid for their experience as an RN?

  1. 0 I am an LPN. I applied to BRCC's nursing school. I was wondering............. Will LPNs get paid for their experience? Ive been a LPN for 7 years. I dont want to start off with RN base pay if I have experience as a LPN for 7 years. I have herd of different facilities using LPN experience toward pay. Have you??
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    Most places I know of will take your time as an LPN and divide it by half. They then credit that half to your RN experience
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    I live in a large metropolitan area in Texas. Some of the facilities around here will grant credit for years of LPN/LVN experience and others will not.

    During my last year as an LVN (2010), I was earning an above-average pay rate of $27.04 per hour at a nursing home. At this point I had four years of LVN experience.

    When I earned my RN license later that year, local hospitals offered me between $25.00 and $27.75 hourly. Yes, they were actually crediting me with four years of LVN experience because their entry-level pay for brand new RN grads with no experience was $23.00 per hour. To keep a long story short, I will not work at the local acute care hospitals around here due to the low pay.
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    Thanks y'all!!!