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    Pay update: currently working as an appeals reviewer as a subcontractor for RAC (Medicare Appeals), making $47K/yr - salary. Full benefits including holidays and weekends off, medical, dental, FSA, HSA, HRA, 401K, 3 weeks paid vacation, sick leave, day hours only. The salary pay works out to about $22/hour. The RNs in the office make a little more (around $52K) with the same benefits. Other jobs, like LTC, hospitals, agency, etc all vary in pay). LVN pay in San Antonio tends to be on the low side with the average being between 19 and 23. Doctor's offices pay much less, of course, and agency will pay more plus shift and unit differential.

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    $18/hr in home health, 6 years out of school, Chattanooga, tn
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    Home Care LPN's in our area of Cincinnati Ohio make a visit rate of $25 per visit. Each visit must be at a minimum of 45 minutes in length. We are hiring!!! 513-870-0604

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