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by Vicky Laursen

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    Prior to getting my RN, I worked as a home health LPN for $17/hr, shift work with one family. I'm in southern Colorado.
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    Jersey here I was offered a job with no exp at 26 an hr with full benefits lol I almost died that 3xs the amount I made as a cna
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    Quote from samantha2174
    Nj ... Hospice job $26 , a Per diem nursing home $22 , it kind of varies ... Does anyone know the LPN rate in Georgia? I'm looking to move there next year, NJ is getting too expensive
    I have a friend in GA only making 21/hr, she was an LPN, now new grad RN (her experience has a PN didn't help raise her hourly rate at all, which is utter BS IMO. She makes what other new grad RNs make.)
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    New grad LPN, with no nursing experience making $18/hr in Northern Metro Area of Memphis, TN
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    New grad lpn home health pediatrics in Phoenix Az...$22.50 an hour.
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    Corrections $27/hr
    3yrs experience
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    PA LPN 1.5 years experience pediatric home health $19.57/hr + $1 for nights + $1 for weekends
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    I work in a Doctors office in Central Maine the starting salary for an LPN is 17.50/hour. If I went back to a LTC facility I could make approx $20/hr. Agency $25 and up.... I have four years experience.
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    I'm an LPN, six years experience, work in Maryland in a LTC facility and make $ 29/hr.
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    LPN with 11 years in TN. Working in acute psych. Just got a raise know making 16.29 per hour.