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by Vicky Laursen

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    $29.29/hour, first job, new grad in Ontario, Canada
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    $22/hr. new grad SNF per diem no benefits Phoenix AZ area
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    From Alberta, Canada.....$25.17/hr plus $1/hr when I'm in the Charge Nurse position, plus $5/hr for nights and $2.75/hr for evenings and $3.25/hr for w/e's. Just graduated and started work last summer
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    OC, CA new grad $19 peds office 3x mon wed fri 10 hrs.
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    I make $13.00 working as an LPN in physician office for a large corporation in PA. And I have worked in this office for almost 17 years. And no it wasn't a typo.
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    20/hr Nursing home in New York, NY and this is per diem
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    That sounds fantastic...
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    What city is this in texas I need some job prospects in texas pls.
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    Back in 2008 i was making 23 in NNJ.
    I since became an Rn and was offered 28 at the ltc place i was at.
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    First hired no experience at a SNF for 18.25. Recently offered a job at assisted living for $21/hour. I'm from eastern PA.