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    Quote from Nursewithswag2010
    18.54 plus 5 dollars 3-11 shift differential in Virginia.
    I'm looking to Relocate to Va what area of Va. Are you in?

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    I work at a methadone clinic in CA
    $22.50 hr 88 hrs every two weeks
    Differential pay on weekends
    benefits incl holidays sick leave vac pay
    medical benefits but I dont take them

    I worked at a prison but I hated it so much
    that i quit in 2 months. $3900 month plus
    medical, dental, vision, holiday, vac pay, retirement,
    sick pay etc.
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    Updating post: I'm now at 21$/hr for 75 hours bi-weekly. Medical benefits, vac pay, and sick pay (when not used paid out at the end of the year).
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    hope you found a nice paying job, my starting pay was 23hr as an LPN
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    Can posters please leave the state you are in, thank you
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    In Tampa, Florida I pay $19-20 per hour for a Home Health LPN.
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    I live in upstate new York, small town, I recently got a small raise so now make $16.70 per,hour with vac, sick, and,personal days benefits and health cov, dental, vision, 401k, and i work 64 hrs per two week,period. I get time and half for any hrs worked over 40, usually work enough extra to get 85 hrs per two weeks.
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    I live in Calgary, AB, Canada. I work in LTC (night shift) and make $23.70/hr plus $2.75 for night differencial. I have a 0.40FTE and get benefits and vacation time.
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    I work for a school district in Texas. My salary is $26,245 for this year. Up from $24341 which was last school years salary.
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    I work for Mayo Clinic Health System in Wisconsin
    $17.05 base rate plus $3.00 shift differential for 2nd shift and $4.00 more for nights
    Long term care. Been there almost 9 years. Full benefits.

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