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    Quote from Arcadia73
    Hey! I live in Buffalo, NY & I just got my 1st LPN job, which I start orientation for tomorrow! Base salary at the LTC facilty that I'll be at is $15.39. I, however, will be working overnights ( 11-7 ) so I will make $16.09. I will also work alternate weekends which is an extra $3.25 on top of the base pay. Not too shabby considering how cheap it is to live here! I'm from Jersey originally.
    Hey Im from Buffalo,NY. Where did you go to school? I was wondering about pay around here etc., but you always hear different things. Right now I work at Mercy Hospital. I went for Medical Assistant at Trocaire and graduated in Dec 2010. (not the best experience). I never actually worked as a ma though. I was considering LPN school..

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    WOW!! I need to move to Canada!!!
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    $28.25 with 1.5 years SNF experience in a Hosptial Setting - San Francisco
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    $18.25 in an orthopaedic office. Dover, DE
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    How much OT do all of you work? A lot? A little?
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    I get time and a half for any hours I work over 80 for a two week pay period. I average about 4-6 per pay period. They don't like you working over time and truly in our office you shouldn't be. Most docotors are in surgery at least 2 days per week spread out and so that is when the nurses should be getting their paperwork finished. My overtime days are on his full office hour days. This falls on his "B" week. It rotates.
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    Thinking of going to school for LPN, them maybe go into Respiratory Therapy or BSN, or maybe just stay as an LPN.

    This is why I was wondering about the OT to make extra money...some salaries are really low ( $10.75 an hour)?
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    $24.25 in New Mexico
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    My friend is an RPN (1yr) and makes $28.60/hr in Ontario, Canada
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    Hi ...Im very interested in the insurance company that you work for. I would like to also work from home. All information would greatly be appreciated!

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