What to do...quit or stay?

  1. 0 So I just started a job as a school nurse and I had a call today, coming from the same school district that I just hired into asking me to come interview for a position at a different school. My issue is that the new school that just called offers a few more hours per week, 3.5 more to be exact. If offered the other job, should I decline it and stay where I have just started or take more hours? If take more hours, how do I tell the job I just started?
    Thanks for your advice.
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    If it's all the same district (therefore, presumably, the same employer) I don't get what the issues is. Take the position with more hours.
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    BrandonLPN..thanks for the reply..yes it is all in the same district, but different school. I just started the other position this week and I guess I am struggling with that fact of just starting and being trained and then leaving for more hours... I did the interview today and it went well and I was informed that is it going to be closer to 30 hours a week instead of the posted 20 hours. It will be with special ed and 1:1 care for a student vs..where I am now is with 3 dm students and working on being able to staff the health office and the 3 dm students, but only 16 hours a week...
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    If you need the hours I would explain that to them and take it
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    Thanks for the advice.. I did get offered the job with more hours and I accepted it. My current job was super understanding and wished me all the best.. I feel so blessed in this economy to have a pick at some jobs rather than none at all.
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    Congrats! Yes, and especially a school nurse job! Those are rare...take it and cling onto it for the next 30 years lol.

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